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TC in Austin/McDade, TX's Journal Entries

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Posted by TC in Austin/McDade, TX on 2/26/2016

Insulation is being installed by: Thanks to: Michael (sales rep) who came by to look over my house and determine any issues that needed to be resolved before the spray foam installers came out. Travis who kept in touch with me about the schedule and techs. Double kudos to Robert, and his crew of two. All three of them came to my house at 7:50 AM the 1st day and got started, we walked the house and discussed the problems that needed to be overcome: 24-foot ceiling,  tight quarters, etc. They ran around the house, sprayed low expansion foam around all windows and doors, then placed plastic over the windows and doors. While this was going on, their generator on their trailer was fired up, running multiple pumps heating the fluid in the drums. It took about an hour to heat the fluids and prep the house, Robert was very knowledgeable, with 9 years in the spray foam business, The other sprayer on the team had 5 years, and the third member was on cleanup and he was kept running all day. With the 2'x6' walls, we went against the advice and elected to have 5.5 inches sprayed. (recommendation was three as that provides 94% heat transfer blockage and the next inch only provides 2%.  Five adds another 1% and the .5 even less..., with 5.5 I can guess about 97%) (( With 5.5" I know I am getting above the minimum but the cost difference was less than $1K and I just did it. Michael said three days. However If the installers wanted to, they could have been done in one, but it would have been a VERY long day, as it was that stopped about 6:00 PM, and started the next day...They got there about 8:00 AM but have to get the spray to temp first. finished around 2:00 PM for the foaming. After foam came the sound abatement install with fiberglass batt insulation. Now on to drywall!!!


Inside the trailer
Covering windows
start foaming from upstairs to down
laying down on the
shavings cleanup
shaving with a LONG saw blade in a reciprocating saw
Above windows
And under the pony walls
One thing about a barn style roof is the angles
Dormer with bench seat
Dormer finished
Look at the foam in the loft roof area
Looking up at the loft dormer
Top of the house not much crawl space
Working above the great room
Look closely, monkey man at work
Media wall, look close you will see the audio wires
Upstairs looking to the master retreat
Master retreat looking to the media room
Loft restroom and media closet behind it

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