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Thanks so much for everyone's advice, I should have found this website sooner.
Allen in Morenci, AZ

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Posted by TC in Austin/McDade, TX on 2/16/2016

Well it has been a while, not a lot has happened, just some minor work.

We are moving fast now with the spray foam scheduled for the 22nd, and (I hope) drywall to begin by the 1st. 

Spray foam will be about two days, drywall about three weeks. 

Water/gas lines have been retested and are pressured with water 
Decks have been started, 
BORA-CARE sprayed to stop the termites
Blocking in the walls is almost done for the closets
Septic (paperwork) was started and will be done in March
24x40 building will be ordered this week
Sauna designed and will be ordered
Hide-A-Hose and vac pans installed

While the inside is being drywalled, the outside will be getting:
Deck finished
Porch ceiling installed
Porch railing
Paint the outside
Chicken coop built
Garden put in
Leveling ground on the high side of hill
Propane (April/May)
24x40 building (April)
Fence for dogs (April)


Deer, about 100 yards out, standing still, waiting on me to get the site picture JUST right, then BAM! Gone before I could get a better picture .with my good camera.
Our worker bees allows us to AG exempt the property.
Feeding them takes a little time and colored sugar water.
One idea for the fireplace
Strange table, but WAY too much $$$$$.
Two flooring colors, both are pebble stone, mixed with epoxy and trowed down, cost about $5K more than tile, not sure if this is in the budget at this time.
This is the person doing our septic, nice guy, and reasonable rates, it will be turnkey. I just fill out the forms, and he does the rest... NICE.
BORA-CARE, the directions say two ft. up the wall, I went over four ft. on most walls.... I can only get there when walls are open, and I would rather spend an extra $50 now than thousands later.
Clean out of the grass under the decks
Big hunks of concrete dug out from under the deck
More hunks of concrete.... wish I had gotten them out BEFORE the deck was framed.
Clean and level for the weed barrier and the glass mulch
Another shot of the before
And after weed barrier was laid
Deck boards, with the tools to clean out under the deck
Upper deck almost done
Cannot wait till I can sit out here and enjoy a beverage and RELAX.
Looking down, about 12 feet to the lower deck, then another 8 to the ground
Look at that view!
I built a area 12x16 for the delivery, and here is what I will be putting UNDER the deck. Delivered by Texas Disposal System, from Garden-Ville, GLASS MULCH
Unload and they delivered 14 yards of glass mulch on a 40-yard dumpster
With this shot, looks almost empty, the 2x6 is for the Kubota bucket to ride on and (I hope) not tear up the tarp.
Unload, and SHAKE
(He almost got stuck...this was his front tires)
I paid for this????
Oh, once cleaned it is... interesting. several advantages of glass mulch: due to the refractory of the glass: Weeds do not like it Ants do not grow a bed under it Critters and snakes HATE IT It is long lasting, takes over 1,000 years to decompose! Permanent landscaping mulch that never fades or needs replacing Glass mulches are a unique alternative to traditional bark or gravel mulches.

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