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Frank in Orlando, FL

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/30/2015

Well now, I didn't really see this coming.

Back when my generator died (that was November, by the way) and after the two visits by the generator guys, we had figured out that the testing showed a bad stator. While that's a lot of work to replace (it's a big heavy part central to the generator's power generation stack) it's not undoable, and Generator Evan was quite certain he could get it done.

Then came today. The part had arrived yesterday and so we had high hopes that we'd get everything finished up today, but that was not to be.

I knew there were problems early on when Generator Evan and Generator Peter (he brought somebody else to help with the pulling of the stator) couldn't actually get the rotor (that's the part that turns in the middle of the stator) out of the generator. It's only pressure-fit on the far end but nothing they did could budge it... They tried and tried and tried for a couple of hours. No dice.

After consultation with the office first and then Generac HQ, they received authorization to use a "non-standard" method for removing the stator. The upside was that this nearly always worked; the downside was that it broke the rotor about half the time.

And guess what happened?

Yeah. You got it.

So now I've got a generator that's half taken apart, a broken rotor (but a new stator in the box!), and some very frustrated techs. They've recommended that given all that has been done and gone wrong at this point that Generac simply replace it with a new unit. As of writing this, I haven't received word either way, but they thought it was almost certain to happen -- there comes a point when it's just not worth it to keep sending people up to fix one thing after another. Generator Evan is also concerned that there may be other damage (probably caused by the unorthodox rotor removal) that will show up only when we put it all back together and tried to run it again.

We'll see, I reckon.

Sucky way to end our 2015... sigh...

Steven in Colorado

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