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I've been a lurker for a few months now, reading all the wonderful information about owner-building on this site.
Bob in Round Rock, TX

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/11/2015

Well now...I do feel bad about this, but only a little.

A while back I decided that the "normal" wooden mousetraps were a bit too easy to trigger, and so after hunting around a bit I discovered this beauty over on Amazon. I got it just the other day, baited it, and set it out.

Earlier this morning I was awakened at about 0300 by something falling somewhere out in the kitchen area. Snagging my flashlight I proceeded to investigate, to discover that a toy I had up on the fireplace mantle was now on the floor. As I looked around to see what the heck might have caused this, I noticed something quite distress -- mouse droppings all over the mantle!

I then discovered that all of the dog food was gone, a sure sign of critters gorging themselves. I checked the Havahart and it hadn't been hit, so I'm guessing that he had only just started eating and making a mess (on my mantle!) when he knocked off that toy and ran away.

I sighed and put more food in the bowl, figuring that it might help bait him out. I took a note to clean the mantle thoroughly in the morning, and went back to bed.

Around 0430 I was awakened by a dull snap and then some scrabbling. Snagging my flashlight yet again, I went to investigate and found that Bitey #4 had chosen to try for the bait in the Big Mouse Trap rather than the food in the Havahart. The scrabbling I heard was him thrashing around as he died (the trap broke his neck I'm sure). I just left him there until I had some good light in the morning.

In the morning I was able to properly look at this critter, and boy was he a monster! Over 7" long in the body and another 4" in the tail, making him a good 11" tip to stern! He had to weigh at least two, maybe three pounds -- he was about the same size as my ferrets. After I took some pictures I dumped him outside a ways from the house for the foxes.

I do wish he'd gone for the live trap rather than the mousetrap -- I honestly didn't think they'd try for that and am vaguely surprised it caught him at all. On the plus side he was easily the largest one I've captured to date, so I have vague hopes that he might be the last one.

We'll see of course. In the meantime, the trap remains baited and ready...

Steven in Colorado


Bitey #4. As you can see he ALMOST didn't get caught.

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