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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 11/16/2015

Well now! Looks like some uninvited critters have taken a hankering to living in my house.

Folks might remember a couple of years back when I wounded, and later found the body of what I took to be an oversized mouse. Things have motored along fairly nicely since then with only a few "normal" mice getting caught in the traps every so often, but a couple of days ago I noticed that something seemed to be eating Shadow's food again (I nearly always leave food in her bowl). I wasn't 100% sure of that, so I carefully laid out some food one night before bed and, sure enough, it was gone the next day.

Well smeg... There's another mouse in the house.

Thinking that it might be another of the giant ones I'd caught before I took a day to buy a Havahart trap -- basically a live trap that has a trigger in it to catch the rodent. They get into the trap to get the food, nibble on the bait on the trigger, and the door snaps shut behind them. That means they are there in the morning looking quite forlorn (or so the theory goes).

So I set this puppy out into the utility room and baited it appropriately, then went to bed. At about 4:00am I woke up to hear "rattling" and went to go take a look. As I'd suspected I'd caught another "giant" mouse (see pics below). I wired the door shut just to make sure he couldn't push it open and revisited my captive after a few hours more sleep. He's a big one, maybe 6" long. Relatively tame really -- he wasn't scared of me as much as he was wary of me. Of course I wasn't going to stick my finger in there to find out (Colleen suggested I nickname him "Bitey").

He'd also chewed thru a baby gate I had on the utility room door -- I assume on the way out from the utility room judging from the debris on the outside--and had eaten all the food in Shadow's bowl. So he was certainly well-fed by the time I saw him.

So after taking some pictures I drove the bugger down the canyon and released him in the big meadow about 4 miles from the house. There's nothing around but trees and field so hopefully he'll just make a home there -- I'm sure their natural habitat is not the attic -- but at least I gave him a chance.

There are probably more up there so I'm going to set the trap again. Buggers don't belong in my house!

Steven in Colorado


He's really quite cute.

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