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Hello everyone! Wow, what a site! I have read, and read, and then read some more! You all are an inspiration and an incredible wealth of information!
Donna in Wimauma, FL

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 11/2/2015

Well now, with an assessment made of how much I did and didn't get done during the summer of 2015, it's time to look forward to the winter phase of the year, November through May. Again I'm trying to ramp things down enough to keep them reasonable, bearing in mind that it's kind of hard to get things done except on weekends when there's almost no light when I get home.

So here's the plan for Winter 2015:
  • My first task is to get that big-ass door moved inside the house. It's been sitting out there in the garage since it was delivered, in part because of other stuff that needed to get done and in part because it's too tall while sitting on the pallet it arrived on. Mind you it's close, I might be able to get it through the interior door if I angled it, but the width of the pallet is enough that I don't think that would work anyway.

    So I've got to get the door off the pallet. I don't have a pallet jack (though that would make the job easier), so either I'll need to buy one, rent one, or figure out some way to lift it up enough to remove the pallet. This will need some pondering.

    Once it's in the house I'll probably go ahead and at least seal it, if not stain it -- haven't decided yet. But at least it'll be near where it needs to be, and I'll be able to park my truck in that bay again!

  • My second and seemingly unending task will of course be shed work. I'd like to put up another shelf or maybe two, and while the attic is now stuffed with insulation it's not really laid out as much as it is jumbled. I also think I'd like to move the big LED light I spent some quality time hanging inside the shed up into the attic instead (it's pretty dang dark up there). I have a feeling I'll be able to do stuff here all winter long...

  • Third and related is of course to continue hauling parts of the old shed up the hill and to the burn pile. I've managed to salvage a handful of things so far (mostly 2'x6's) but there's a lot of plywood sheets that I need to cut up and relocate (they're just too awkward in their full 4'x8' glory). I've got a heck of a burn pile building up now; at some point I'm going to have a quality weekend of bonfire fun.
So that's the plan. Three things, all perfectly doable over the course of the winter I'd think.

We'll see I reckon...

Steven in Colorado

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