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I thought it was very kind of you to offer your book free to people that couldn't afford it. Who says there is no kindness and altruism left in the world?!
Pat W. in Sewanee, TN

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 11/1/2015

Well now, seems like no summer ever goes quite like I thought it would from the floods that did a number on my original plans to the sudden death of my 6kw Ecogen and the unexpected flooding of the window well, things just didn't quite go as planned.

Still, there was good progress overall and some things accomplished that were otherwise unplanned:
  • On the road drains I'm slowly acquiring the necessary lengths of pipe. I estimated I needed 2,000 feet, but I've increased that to 2,200 feet after some thought and re-planning. I've got 1,600 feet of it in the garage right now, enough that now I need to reorganize a bit in there to stash the rest in reasonable fashion.

    Good progress here really; I'm gonna give myself a B.

  • As noted a couple of weeks back the new door finally arrived, well after it was too late to try to put it in this year. But that's okay; it's on the list for next summer.

    Gonna give myself a B since there really wasn't much I could do here.

  • The finishing up of the new Shed and teardown of the old proceeded apace, though not as quickly as I'd like. The old shed came down very nicely back in August and made a heck of a mess in the process, but at least it's down. (As it happens the base turned out to be a handy spot to dump the old Deka batteries for the winter.) I got a bookshelf up in the new Shed and move more insulation from the remnants of the old shed into the attic of the new Shed, then finished off the main siding. I've still got the tedious fiddly bits to do yet (the smaller sections along the eaves, that kind of thing) but there should be plenty of sunny days for that over the course of the winter. Lots of the old wood has been hauled up the h ill to the burn pile but there's more to move yet of course. I'll get there.

    Gonna give myself a B here...deducting a bit for not finishing it up.

  • The new window well drain is one that I basically just didn't get done at all. I did manage to rent a trencher and put a nice big ditch in the back yard, but I'm still going to have to do some work by hand to deepen it and dig under the window well wall. I basically felt I just ran out of time here, though at least I have all the parts. Can't say I'm looking forward to the time it's going to take to finish the digging come spring but it's got to be done.

    I can really only justify a C grade here -- I should have worked on this harder, just never gave it the attention it deserved after the initial trench work.

  • I made very good progress on swapping out CFLs for LEDs and I'm about 75% done now. While there's still some internal stuff yet to do I've been able to start doing some searching for a couple of the external lights I've let lag. The outside sconces at the apartment end of the house have this weird pin CFL form factor, and I need to locate a good, strong floodlight bulb to replace all of the emergency lights in the eaves around the house (22 of those). There's more work to be done for sure, but the end is in sight!

    Definitely an A grade here -- I did good.
So overall this was a pretty good summer even with the setbacks, changes in plans, and the unexpected battery purchase. I have high hopes for next summer with the door and (finally!) getting the chandelier inside the house, but first there's Winter 2016 to plan for...

Always busy!

Steven in Colorado

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