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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 9/27/2015 10:06:22 PM

Friday comes, I call the inspector as he had said to do in the VM he left and find he will be out that day.  He's there for gas final.  A problem with being new to an area is to understand how the inspections take place. For example, on the Barrel Race in Houston, as soon as I ran piping I could get the final.  Calibrated gauge installed.  No appliances needed to be hooked up.  I asked in Nashville when I called. Appliances needed to be installed and gauge? The plumbers should have tested for leaks themselves.

One thing they didn't tell me was the cabinetry was also to be set.  Why? So they can check clearances to the stove. Arghh! Of course they haven't even arrived yet.

I asked him while he was there to look at the mechanical.   The foam insulation on the low pressure AC line needs to be replaced.  Needs to be 3/4" thick.  Mine is 5/8"
I need to relocate the first floor return intake as its too close to the fireplace - that is something I should have researched ahead of time. And then he has issues with the soffit vent for the first floor bathroom. A 4" exhaust line leading to a 4" vent.  And he tells me that's not large enough. Huh???  Oh and even though I have a letter from the chimney guy on the closure,  that's not gonna pass muster.  I need a letter from an engineer.  I don't know what to do on that one.

I understand about factual code issues, like the return air plenum, but it's the interpretation things that bug the crap out of me.  They themselves are not engineers and yet they make decisions based on opinions instead of engineered judgements.  Bug the holy crap out of me.  But play along, and he sees from the quality of the overall job we're doing and they may cut you some slack on a few things, like - I don't have to rip out the AC lines that are in the walls to install the correct foam insulation and he says " you doing the cabinet install? Go ahead and mark where the cabinets will be around the stove and I'll let that work.  Give some take some.

We did get all three showers set with glass before the day ended yesterday.  They look great!  I started to work on the banisters and railings for the stairwell, and added mouldings along the sides, which Sandra promptly painted.  

Kids are moved in, spent their first night in the house, with the dining room packed to the gills with boxes yet to be opened once the first floor is done, took their first of many cold showers ?? until we get gas but I am sure a first night of many happy ones to come.


master bath shower finished

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