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My wife and I are still in the planning stage, but the book has been helpful and so have some of the downloads in the download gallery. There is a lot to think about and I'm hoping my wife and I cover all the bases too.
Nick in Goochland, VA

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 9/18/2015

Kids are having a garage sale in the morning to unload a bunch of stuff and not move it. I hope it goes well. They need to purge as much as possible!

At the house, Cassidy's cabinet project is slowly coming together.

The last old door is half finished, but we have the four new ones arriving on Monday and the process starts anew.

The stair treads and the risers are all ready for install, but the sides of the old stairs need to be sanded down and painted first. Clawfoot tubs arrived today as did the hardware for the frameless shower glass. It arrives next Monday. The stone guys did the install on the master bath vanity this afternoon. With the the faucets on, it looks amazing! I'll try to get the water and drains connected this weekend, but there are so many other things, I don't know which to prioritize.

The old transoms have been painted, hardware installed and they will go in tomorrow or Sunday.
Got the new return air line connected in yesterday and reset the damper to the guest bedroom. It has really helped the AC upstairs. I could still turn down the air flow to that bedroom a bit more, but I'll wait until the transoms are in and see how that affects things.

Plumbers came back on Wednesday and found the leaks in the gas line they ran a few months ago. With that done, the gas final is set for next week. So I need to get the stove set and connected sometime this weekend. All appliances need to be connected for the final. 

The lower floor of the house looks a wreck as we have doors, and trim and transoms and treads and, and and... But for some sanity you can run upstairs where it is serene and nearly finished. Ahhhh.


Master vanity with the marble countertop and faucets installed. Honed finish rather than polished as marble can be damaged pretty easily. Honing helps hide some of that.
Clawfoot tub in the master. Still need feet attached and wrapping off and supply and drain lines and faucets attached. But all of that will wait until the shower glass is installed. At least they are up the stairs.

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