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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 9/1/2015

I looked outside today at the yard and realized both the miter and table saws weren't out of the trailer! That's weird. We've been using them steadily for the past month, and this weekend, we could have used another miter saw as all three of us were running trim and having to wait on each other for a miter saw. But today it was quiet. I was working on modifying the custom master vanity and plumbing lines out of the wall to work together, Sandra showed up and went back to work caulking and painting, poor girl. And Todd was sanding one of the six original doors that had been dipped and stripped, in preparations for stain. No trim was happening. Yeah! Yes! It's basically done. The baseboard, the quarter round, the wainscot in the dining room and two bathrooms, the crown molding. Close to 4,000' - done. What little is left has to wait for the cabinets to arrive at the end of the month so we can run trim up to it. The kids really did well on it. I can't thank them enough for taking so much of it off my hands and allowing me to get to more oddball things that needed attention.

Sandra and I worked up punch lists, Sunday starting with the upstairs so that the kids can get moved in by the end of the month and quit paying rent. The kitchen will not be in yet, but we are working at getting the upstairs totally finished. They can camp out until we get the kitchen moving along. They have started to put things on Craigslist to reduce the move as much as possible.

Glass for the showers has been ordered. Should ship in ten days. And we'll set up those. I'm hoping my measurements and trigonometry worked OK on the one panel that meets up with the roofline. I used an app on my phone to measure the angle. It should have been 45 degrees, but as I suspected, a bit of sag reduced that to 43.4. While that doesn't seem like a big difference, it makes a large difference on the panel. Like 3/4" over the run.

I made doors for the attic hatches yesterday and used piano hinges on them. Will try to start attaching them to the hatch frames early tomorrow morning before the attic space becomes an oven. Not sure I'll get all five set, but any progress is good.

Also created the curved trim for the front door this past weekend. Another job I've been procrastinating on. So little by little we are getting closer to the end!

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