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Mark, thank you for writing such a great book. I have bought many books to help me through my building process, but yours is the one I go back to the most. I'm on my second home now. It is so much easier the second time around. The first house was such a huge success. It cost us about $100/ft to build with top of the line details, and including a swimming pool (but not including land), and we sold it less than two years later for about $235/ft. We made several hundred thousand dollars profit on that one house! I think it's safe to say owner-building has changed my life. Thanks!
Chad in Arizona

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 8/23/2015

Although today was rather warm, with temps close to 90, summer is waning as temps are holding more in the middle 80s recently. I would expect we may get some mid 90s at some point soon but you can tell there's not a lot left to summer. And I guess I should expect that, being that it's almost September. That said, we are still hoping to get done in October, but truthfully I say Thanksgiving is more like it. Certainly we have to be done by then as this will be the kids first one in the house and Todd's family will be coming in for it.

While the list is getting whittled down, much of what is left is big stuff. A whole mess of cabinets, the glass for the showers and the claw foot tubs. A still a bunch of trim - and I need to order more! 

But Todd has now been taking that on while I move to taking care of other things like building the LR mantel and slowly trying to get the guest bath sink hooked up. And since Todd is around while I'm traveling during the week, it's good he has something he can work on. He also put in the light and mirror in today.

Sandra's been caulking and painting. Much of the first floor is done and she's moved upstairs. The dining room is completely done except for the chandelier and quarter round, but I won't order quarter round until we get further along. Living room is as well now that I was able to run the last of the baseboard since the mantel is built and set. 

Weather has generally been cooperative giving us enough sun to spray and cut trim. As long as it continues we can keep moving along. Really need to get the trim up before the cabinets arrive as we need the space to store, assemble and install when they get here.


Paint setup for spraying trim. Only a few boards at a time unfortunately.
Living room mantel built this weekend. The top came from a 150-year-old house in Houston.
A more oblique view of the mantel. Still needs to have finish paint.

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