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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 7/12/2015

Outside. Really glad we're inside with AC. I didn't get the tile finished as I had planned, but did get the master shower set as the tile came in. And - I got all the shower fixtures set! Four fixtures total as the master has two. They had been sitting around for 6 months taking up space at our 700-ft apartment, and some at the house. (Our apartment is like a warehouse). Sandra grouted the two other shower floors. So I did also start the curb tile on the first floor one. Still have the top edge to do. It takes time to cut each one, get the vertical pieces set so the final slope will be correct on the top.

Also started trimming out the windows yesterday. Yes my ADD is kicking in. Did I mention before that tile is not my favorite thing to do? Went and looked for sill stool, the horizontal piece at the bottom of the window sill. It was like $4.50 a FOOT! All it is is a 3/4" piece that has a little routed edge at the front. Crazy! I'm going to run it like I did on the addition at the Barrel Race project using layered 1x lumber and small crown underneath. It'll still be a whole lot cheaper than the stool and casing underneath. Went and got 1'x5', yes you read that right, primed finger-jointed boards at Big Orange for about $1 a foot. Cut them to fit which was a bit of trouble on the mullioned set, and will go ahead and finish trimming the windows out when we get back from a well- deserved vacation. Nashville daughter and fiancé are tying the knot in Jackson Hole. It is amazing how many friends and family are making the trek! It's a week-long affair and people are already on the road if they are driving. Reminds me of the movie Trains, Planes and Automobiles ;-). Those that are driving are posting their travels on Facebook and keeping all informed. Yeah I know you're not supposed to do that, but - its still cool. Everyone is stoked! Although weddings can be stressful I hear, I can't see it on this one.


Master set of shower hardware. Same set is in the upstairs guest room, the downstairs has a less expensive set. A royal mistake. You get what you pay for. No instructions Other than a drawing, the dimensions for setting the mixing valve were incorrect (I found out today when setting the face plate), no screws for the face plate. Frustrating.

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