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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 6/24/2015

While the downstairs AC works great, I'm having some problems with the upstairs unit. It's not that he unit isn't working, it's that it has a big problem keeping up with heat wave that we're in. If y'all remember, I ran some heat loss calcs and two tons should have been more than adequate for the much smaller area up there. But it just doesn't keep up and the temp will climb up to 80+ in the afternoon. Now I know part up of the problem is I need to get more wire to the back of the house. To much is going out up front. I can get another register in pretty easily, but I'd like to get two in and the second one is going to be more problematic. The other issue is the unit is in the attic as I don't think I'd be able to fit it in the conditioned space and get my ducts to run. This seems to really decrease the effectiveness more than I expected. The supply air is noticeably warmer in the heat of the afternoon even though I have R-8 ducts. It just gets beastly hot up there. In hindsight, I should have taken a niche of the master bath where the return plenum runs, and used a drop ceiling at nine feet to run my ducts. Although more construction work, the AC would have been simpler and more efficient. Now, I do have a number of things to finish that reduce the heat gain, like put on solder film onto the windows, and build proper insulated hatches for the access doors to space behind the knee walls, and finish caulking the can lights where they come through the sheet rock. But I am bummed that it isn't as good as I had expected.

On a brighter note, I finished laying the tile floor in the master bath today. And started the guest bath upstairs as well.

I'm using something new this project - a tile leveling system. This one uses plastic hoops slipped under adjacent tiles that you then drive a plastic wedge through to tighten both and make them perfectly level. I always had nice level tiles the day you lay them, only to come back the following day to tiles that are a bit unlevel to each other. Especially noticeable on tiles that have sharp corners, or with marble. Turns out its normal. It happens all the time even to the professionals. So there are several systems out that eliminate the problem. 

Sandra does all the grouting, but the first order of business Saturday will be to set a toilet in the master!! Whoopee! Such a momentous occasion. No more trips back to home or HD!
Will post pics next time.

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