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Justin in Chandler, AZ

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 6/14/2015

We pulled out the sprayer that has been stored since the fence was done. I figured it might be a better way to spray at least the primer. Sandra wasn't so sure at first. Amazing how things change as time progresses as you will see - Sandra spent the better part of a day masking off the windows, electrical plugs and switches on the first floor and around 4, I set the sprayer up and she started out. As we were spraying latex, I set the pressure up high. It also didn't help that I had the tip reversed at first, dumping a ton of paint onto the walls which we had to roll out. Sandra saw the problem with the tip and after setting it right, we had a wide pattern and she set off. But there was a ton of overspray and soon Sandra looked like a snowman. This was a mess! I suggested strongly to her that in the morning we'd switch to rolling, instead. After spending hours taping?! No way Jose!

You know how guys never ask directions and women do? Sandra gets on YouTube in the evening and searches on how to spray paint. Hmm, the guy doesn't have a lot of overspray. And he's showing on where to start/stop cut in and simply how to hold the gun to the wall. OK we'll try again. I head over in the morning and turn the pressure way down and try it. Yeah! Much better. My ADD takes over and I do the kitchen tray ceiling. 

Sandra shows up while I'm at HD getting more paint and takes over. Man that girl keeps going. Finished the downstairs and moved upstairs. 

Now, what I haven't talked about, and I'll tie all of this together in a bit, is that yesterday while Sandra was taping, I charged up the upstairs AC. It was slowly cooling down the upstairs while Sandra was working on the first floor in the heat. Well, today when Sandra moved upstairs, we had to turn it off so it didn't suck paint spray into the unit. Now it was 92 today with a heat index of over 100. The second floor warmed up and with Sandra spraying, the humidity was close to 100%. How she put up with it I don't know! But she did, got it all knocked out -after buying more paint of course. Did I say that we used 55 gallons. Yes you read that right: 55 gallons of primer that's 11 five-gallon pails. I can't fathom it. Yes you lose some with overspray, but not that much after we set the pressure down.

This evening I asked Sandra was it faster spraying when she had to mask off everything which took so much time. Yes absolutely. No way she would have gotten a whole house of this size done in two days.

Got the lower AC started today and with the two of them going hopefully it'll start drying out. Imagine 55 gallons of water being sprayed on the walls. Just how long will it take? From the amount of condensate coming off the AC's, maybe not too long.

And lastly, I know I'm rambling here, Cassidy ordered the floors a couple months ago. 3/4 inch hickory in 3" and 5" widths. It came around the first of June. Figured we better pick it up. We showed up yesterday - guys says it's 6,600 lbs. Whoa!!!

I guess it'll take a few trips, three as a matter of fact. But not in one day. Each box weighs 70 pounds. Getting up all the steps into the house one box at a time in this heat, it's pure torture. Todd and I did one load yesterday, one this morning, half of which we had to haul upstairs around the staircase. Third one we'll get tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, but it'll be done.

And no, I didn't get started on the showers. But - I will start that this week.


The snow woman. And this was after we toned down the overspray!

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