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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 5/24/2015

Well now - not even two years since our last flood and it looks like we've got some excitement again.

We began to get rain on May 8th, and it was a lot. By Sunday night we'd gotten right at 5" of the wet stuff and while crossing the creeks was a bit of a challenge on Monday (water was basically flowing over most of the culvert crossings) it wasn't too bad. I didn't think much of it.

Monday night we got three more inches. I drove down as normal to go to work Tuesday but turned around as the water was far too high for me to be able to safely crossed the first culvert in the dark. I waited until daylight, tried it again - and found there was heavy water crossing the top of the culvert. So I gave up for the day and took a day to work at home.

That night we got another two inches. When I went to check on Wednesday the water was a foot deep over the first crossing.

Wednesday night it rained again, though not all that much. On Thursday I walked down to the next couple of crossings and found massive damage to the first four crossings. Most were simply badly rutted with the culverts (installed after the 2013 flood) partially exposed, but one has lost a good two or three feet of top cover and was impassable. 

Then Thursday and Friday we got another 5" of rain. That's when I finally got it that there was going to be way too much road damage to be able to get out any more.

So yesterday I decided to hike out since I couldn't drive out. I didn't want to miss more days of work and it was apparent that repairs were going to take some time. Took me four hours and I lost a bag containing a perfectly good pair of boots to the creek (sigh - I liked those boots!) but I got out safe and sound.

Because of this mess a lot of things for Tanglewood are on hold, and I'm revamping my Tanglewood Summer Plans now. The new retaining wall probably won't happen, at least not early on. I'm pondering installation of a series of additional drain lines (though I've got to get them up there and that's not happening anytime soon). Ironically I want to do a lot of gravel work on my section of the road, but of course that's impossible at the moment. All the rain has spawned a couple of new leaks that need addressing so that's moved up in priority (I think one stems from a crack in the stucco above one of the upper windows and the other from some flashing that needs attention).

Much to ponder. In the meantime I'm staying with some friends in town and driving a rental (remember I had to hike out, so I have no vehicle). Below are some pics from this mess...

Great Odin there's a lot of water in the canyon!

Steven in Colorado


The first crossing headed out. The cut here is pretty bad but probably fixable on a temporary basis with a couple of logs.
The second crossing headed out. Mostly just deep water but it's crossable.
Third crossing headed out. Note the massive cut over these culverts; this is impassable without major work.
The fourth crossing out. Bad cut here but fixable with a bit of work.
The fifth crossing headed out. Culverts are basically bare here.
The sixth crossing headed out. Basically in the same state as #5.
The seventh crossing headed out. This one has no culverts, but the water is extremely deep and fast moving. I'd rather not cross it in this state if I could avoid it.
The eighth crossing headed out. This one also has no culverts, but happens to be pretty shallow. Lots of rocks but probably passable.
The meadow crossing. Thie culverts here are virtually uncovered and t he water is very deep on the uphill side.
The third crossing in. Culverts are uncovered - you can cross them but you have to be going fast enough to not get hung up.
The second crossing in. The culverts here are badly uncovered.
The first crossing headed in. Not only are the culverts completely exposed but there's a 3 foot drop eaten away on the left hand side. Totally impassable.

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