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Your site is helpful and an encouragement for all. Thank you so much for building it. :) You have no idea how helpful it has been already, and I am just in the very beginning stage of the building process.
Melissa P., North Carolina

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 5/17/2015

I'm so worn out, I can't even think of a title. Todd's still on tour, Cassidy worked all weekend at her job, so it was up to Sandra and I to blow the insulation into all the netting we had set up. At the end, we stole some netting off a few of the windows as we had run out and tried to get as many of the odd places netted to blow insulation into them. We have a wall in the downstairs bath and the sides of the shed roof dormer to run regular insulation on, and a few other odds and ends.

The process went OK, and I'm pleased with the result, but the blower we got, didn't have an on/off switch and the end of the hose, unlike what I had used at the Barrel Race house in Houston. So with Sandra tending the blower and feeding it blocks of insulation, as I filled a wall cavity between studs, I would have to yell on and off to Sandra who would flip the switch on the unit itself. As it makes a fair amount of noise, getting her to hear me say off was a bit difficult. And it only took about 15 seconds to fill a cavity. So all day long it was " ON" "OFF"! The neighbors must have found it a bit annoying. All told it took about 12 hours to get it all done, including a trip to HD get another 7 bales beyond the original 15.

We still have to run batts in the ceilings of all the rooms except the kitchen, underneath the attic spaces behind the upstairs knee walls. That won't take too long and Cassidy is over there after work as I write this to get some of it done. We've got to finish insulation by Wednesday, so I can get the inspector out again for a redo on the framing and this time insulation as well. I'm traveling again next week and so I need to get the inspection done by Friday--because we got someone to do the drywall!!!!!! And we're trying to get them in the first week of June. Yes! My Houston daughter had a great idea on the drywall, and that was to call a local drywall supply house and ask them for a recommendation. They gave Sandra one name. He made an appointment to come out at a specific time the following week, he kept to that time, promised me a quote the following morning and he did that as well. Unbelievable! Someone who actually knows how to run a business. The first two guys never called back after several times, and then they stopped answering their phones. Crazy!

And the second best part--the quote was under my budget! By a lot!

Sometimes it's nice to catch a break! I had no idea what to expect on the pricing. I had taken Kelsey's Barrel Race addition price for 750 ft, and since this was about 3.5 times larger, I went ahead and tripled that. Thought I might get a discount on a whole house. As we were looking for quotes, both Sandra and I, and Kelsey too, were figuring we had blown the estimate and that it was going to be a huge number. I about died when I saw it was 2/3 of what I had budgeted. That helps sooooo much.

Today was spent continuing to tidy up odds and ends of framing. Although the netting was a pain, it did point out a lot of things that were unfinished and needed to be done before the drywall is put in. The upstairs is done, and I have a couple things to finish in the downstairs, but almost there.


First wall filled. Because of the irregular depth of the foam in the cavity, the first floor walls were more troublesome to fill. I would sometimes end up with voids in a spot or two and have to go back, cut open and fill.
Another shot, this time the lower bedroom/music room
Master bedroom ceiling. One thing nice about this stuff is that you don't have to cut insulation out around registers and can lights. It all just gets inundated with insulation around.
Upstairs guest bath. It now is easier for me to see the framing and being filled, I can see how the drywall is going to run. Funny, before with all the wording on the foil faced foam boards, all the orange foam sealant, plumbing vents and such, it was hard for me to visualize that framing is set up properly to run the drywall.

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