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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 5/5/2015

Deck has been up for several weeks and has dried pretty well, so Sandra threw a coat of stain on it this past weekend. Really looks great! Still have the final steps that will be created later per a previous post. I've gotten all of the blocking in that the inspector wanted. Still have to build a wall and frame around the first floor return plenum but that shouldn't take too long.

Sunday, Sandra and I started running InsulWeb webbing or netting or whatever it is. It actually reminds me of a massive spiderweb so webbing it should be. Using a pneumatic staple gun to attach across the studs. Since we spray foamed the wall (quite some months ago) to seal up the stud bays, and the thickness was rather uneven, regular pink insulation wouldn't fit too well, so we've stretched the webbing across the wall and then the ceilings, and will blow in insulation afterwards.

In hindsight, after using the rock wool batts in the band room, I probably would have gotten sufficient sealing if I had used it alone without the expense of the foam. That rock wool is tight and dense, unlike pink stuff. But that's hindsight, eh? And we would still have to net the ceilings as they are uneven widths between the rafters.

I'm out of town this week, but Cassidy and Sandra were going to run the webbing in the upstairs on the ceilings, sloped ceilings, and knee walls. It's hot in Nashville this week with temps in the mid 80s. They are going to roast!

Been trying to get quotes on drywall, but I cannot for the life of me get them to actually come out. I'm not sure just what to do, but continue looking. Argh! I wish I could run a business by ignoring potential customers. Wouldn't that be nice?

There are a number of small things that do need to get finished before the drywall goes up. I've decided to run a second condensate line for the upstarts unit. One for the AC and a second short one for the furnace. My concern is the length of the first one would likely cause it to freeze up in winter. It runs all the way to the ground out of the heated zone from where it exits the soffit. The additional one will stop as it exists the soffit and drip close to the house, but there should be far less condensate off the furnace than the AC so I'm not worried about it. The short length in the unheated attic can be insulated. I can't insulate the long line to the ground.

Another thing was to run the dryer vent. It had to exit out though a very inaccessible section of knee wall and once drywall is up, would be very difficult to run. Found a spring loaded dryer vent I could attach on the underside of the soffit. Got that installed on Sunday. There are so many little things you have to think about or later it'll be too late. Next thing is running the wire for the security cameras before we insulate. Cassidy and Todd wanted to run speakers throughout the house. That has to be done. Almost forgot both. This coming weekend is the last time to do it as we'll be insulating the weekend after for sure.


Deck all stained
An oblique shot of the InsulWeb. Taken from a more straight on view, it's fairly transparent so it's hard to see in a photo. But as we stretched it over the windows, it does a great job of blocking the view from the street, so we were able to remove all of the window coverings we put up and now let light in. Remember, this is an area in transition, so maintaining privacy, especially as the house is vacant is important. Obviously, we'll remove off the windows at some point.
Should have closed the doors for the shot, but I'm not a photographer. Put up the ceiling fan and porch light, and the final trim was installed on the siding. The outside of the house is basically done!

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