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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 4/29/2015

Over the weekend I worked on taping and taping and more taping of the insulation on all of the remaining plenums, wyes, and registers. Sunday and Monday, got up on the roof and installed vents for the two remaining baths, the upstairs furnace, and the tankless water heater. Not very fun working over two stories up on a 12/12 roof. But it got done! Had the plumber call in for an inspection on the mechanical and got it today. Passed! But the fellow was a bit condescending. Inspectors. Don't they understand we are doing far more than most people, and try to get things right?

Anyway, I called for framing/structural now that the mechanical is approved. Should be OK, but we'll find out in a day or two after he gets there. If that goes OK, Sandra can start running the netting for the blow-in insulation. I've still got some things to take care of before the sheetrockers, who, by the way, may be hard to find. Called five numbers today. Two said they'd come by and look at quoting. One said he had too much work, and one number never connected and another was disconnected. Let's see if the two show up and where the prices come in.

Sandra's been raiding the nurseries and Big Orange for plants. Got a few yards of mulch and she spread that yesterday, creating beds around the new deck the kids have been working on and filling a wasted corner. Really looks great! 

Sandra also got the new siding she put up on the back painted. Just have to put the accent strip at the top and another thing finished.

Cassidy has been working on the steps off the new deck. I have to say she's put her all into it and has done a great job. It's not an easy job with the design she decided to use. A lot of angle cuts to make but definitely the right design for the steps.


The deck steps. Bottom step will be left unfinished for a while, until the area around gets dug for a concrete pad for them to sit on. As we need a new sidewalk and concrete steps at the front of the house, we'll wait until Todd gets back to frame up everything and get a load delivered for everything at the same time
Siding on with new window and French doors
Vent for upstairs furnace. Waaaay up there!

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