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Larry in Nashville, TN's Journal Entries

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 4/17/2015 9:41:54 PM

I was out of town Monday and Tuesday, but called the plumber on Monday to make sure they were coming to run gas lines on Wednesday when I was back in town.  Whoops! No they didn't have me down. But the owner remembered and we agreed for them to come out Thursday instead.  Well, they showed up at 2, walked around a bit, and left, saying they would come back in the morning, after getting pipe and supplies. Today they finally show up at 10, and slowly get some of it run by the end of the day.  Maybe 1/3.  They are the slowest guys I have ever seen.  I could have probably run that much myself , no I am sure I could. I took three days vacation so I would be around for them, but I can't do that next week.  Not sure how that's gonna work out.

On the other hand, we decided to get gutters installed to help with drainage.  I had two people look at it, only one came back with a quote, and his price was reasonable, so finally the rain let off today and they came out.  These guys were the polar opposite of the plumbers.  They cranked out the gutters and had them up in about 5 hours.  No mean feat!  Did a great job. And it's done.

Meanwhile, while waiting for plumbers and all, I got back to work on the HVAC. Finally got the indoor units set correctly to the heights, and started making up duct runs from the registers.  Today, Todd helped me get the trunk line in the basement run, with all of its takeoffs and then tied in the runs.  I have three more runs downstairs to make, and then insulate the plenums and trunk.  We should be able to have that done by the end of the weekend, and possibly finish most of the attic lines.  It's been great having the block of time to work through. Makes me wonder where we would be if I had retired at the end of last year and could be spending full time on it.  Oh well, won't do any good now. 

Starting to look for sheet rockers as we may be ready in a month or so.  


Todd working on the truck line
Shot of the 12" trunk
Deck framing the kids put up themselves.. Did a great job
Decking on. Two proud kids!

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