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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 3/29/2015

Made good progress this week past in finishing up the bulk of the trim. Only two items remain!

This week was pretty much spent finishing up the upstairs bathrooms and getting the quarter round on the patio door leading to the second floor deck. The bathrooms were a bit tricky - since we'd put terracotta in those rooms the floor there was much higher than the wood floor outside. Fortunately, the transition pieces I cut fit pretty well without looking too "tilted", and on one bathroom I actually put a secondary transition angle under it to make it work better. They came out rather well, and do a great job of finishing up those rooms.

The upstairs guest bathroom was similarly treated. I'd frankly nearly forgotten about it but I'm using it more of late (having a treadmill is a nice thing) so noted it hadn't been done either.

I added one more bit of transition going from the main floor into the utility room. This is a wood-floor-to-concrete transition (we didn't bother to finish the utility room) but I didn't like the look of the wood just "stopping" there, and as it happened I had another piece of the transition left over. A stain job later and it's now got a nice clean edge.

Two items remain and then I'll be done (yes!) with the transitions and thresholds:

  • The great room needs a transition piece to go between the tile inside the door and the wood of the main room itself. This has proven to be somewhat problematic issue as it's a long stretch and no single T-threshold was going to get the job done. I didn't really want to use the handful of them since I figured I wouldn't like seeing the "seams", but on a lark I tried a couple and decided it was workable after all! Which is good because I couldn't find any long, thinner pieces of wood that would work, and I didn't have the equipment to rip them down.

  • The biggest problem is still the upstairs step from the lower floor to the upper. We put this transition step in as something to break up the flow of this very large room a bit and it seemed like a great idea at the time, but figuring out how to trim this puppy is very problematic. Wood isn't flexible enough to run the length and navigate the mild S-curve, and I couldn't find the right type of MDF (basically a pressed wood/plastic combo) for it. I'm settling in on a series of layered PVC pieces that should work... They will need a lot of reinforcement during the setting process but should work. They'll need proper staining of course.
So that's the plan... Nearly there!

Steven in Colorado

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