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Larry in Nashville, TN's Journal Entries

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 3/17/2015

I was pretty bummed out after not getting my electrical passed, but by Friday, the service entrance was straight, And Todd ran 12 GA through the dining room off one of the kitchen small appliance circuits (legal). Saturday Cass and I stripped the sheathing off the Romex, and tied the grounds together. The worst thing was the additional terminations for the neutral, but I finally got that taken care of Sunday. Looks pretty good too. Called for inspection on Monday and since I am out of town, Sandra got the call today when he was headed over. She said he spent about a minute and a half, reviewing the breaker box, and the service entrance, glanced around and said "OK."

I think I'll have her meet the inspectors from now on. He did say he normally hates doing inspections on homeowner permits, just like the plumbing guy told me. But that I did fine. He did tell her he one in the morning, a woman, who's work was so beautiful he said it was a shame to cover with sheetrock! I have a friend who does work like that too, but damn that takes a real long time, - and - it gets covered by sheetrock, so why do it.

On Sunday the rain finally stopped and the temp was wonderful. Cassidy started scraping off the 20 or more layers of paint off the old brick mold around the windows. I had thought it was just plain old molding, but when she got it off, it revealed really nice old molding in excellent shape. Took her a day to get one done. Only eleven more to go!

Sandra sanded down the beaded ceiling boards that Todd pulled out several months back where the old porch existed. We had saved it in hopes of using it on a wall in a rustic way. Belt sander and orbital worked well with that old lead paint. I actually got her to wear a mask thank God. She normally hates those things, but there was so much paint dust, she relented. They are going to be pretty cool. I kind of wish she'd left more of the paint on, but Cass wanted less. Her house, so that is what she got.

I finally did some HVAC calcs using a sizing tool online from Borst Engineering. They have a bunch of free calculators. While it's not nearly as involved as a Manual J set does calcs, - for this old house with all of its eccentricities, I think it'll be fine. You calculate your total r values for the walls ceilings, choose design temps for outside and indoors wall areas, floor areas, volume of each level. Turns out the biggest factor is how much air leakage there is. Remember I've said that before, that's why I'm trying to seal things up. But without doing a test, you really don't know what your leakage is. A very tight house is 0.5 changes per hour. It takes a lot of work to get down to 1.0. I don't think I'm there. I used 1.0 and I used two. At two I come out pretty close to the two tons for each level I bought and at 1.0, I'm about 2/3 of that value. So I think I'll be OK.


Brick mold. 100 years of paint jobs.
Another shot of 100-year brick mold. A little more visible withers the color variation. And you can see where Cass has begun to strip paint off the left edge
After stripping
A whole side done. Really looks great. Onto the rest!

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