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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 3/12/2015

So - I thought I'd pass the electric with flying colors. Man, was I wrong! The universe will put you in your place if you ever get cocky.

This was the first time I had ever put in a new service , and there are some particulars I wasn't aware of, but they were actually pretty small and easy to fix, and took care of those today. Since it had been ten years since a major electrical job, there was then a couple things I had forgotten. The primary one was that I needed to strip the cover off the Romex and connect the grounds together. Also didn't realize that the dining room is supposed to be 20 amps. For a dining room? But there were a couple that got me blindsided. I didn't have enough spots on the neutral bar in the panel. I doubled up on the terminations. You can do that on a ground both not a neutral. Why? And why did they put such a small strip for all the breaker spaces they have in the panel? I've got to try to add another, which is proving to be not so simple. The supply places are not even aware of such things. The other was that in Nashville, you can't run two motors off of one ground. This means the 14-3 wire (two hots) I ran to the island for the dishwasher and the disposal can't be used. Separate runs need to be done. Todd will rerun the dining room with 12 gauge this weekend, I'll strip the covers off and label with tape, and maybe I can get everything done.

Went to get the mechanical permit this morning. Last summer he said he'd let me do the HVAC. And I'd have to get a pro to do the gas. I went to try to get him to let me run the gas as well today and now he says that I can't do any of it. It's the law. I don't think so. Sandra pulled up the Nashville coeds information and it states that a homeowner can pull a mechanical permit for his own residence. So I'm going back tomorrow with the document in hand and challenge him on it. Pretty black and white as far as I see. But at the same time I don't want to piss him off. Got to approach it carefully.

I am certainly not cocky about this one!

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