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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 3/8/2015

After 4" of snow Thursday and nearly zero Thursday night, the weather took a turn this weekend. Snow melted mostly on Saturday, and today was like spring. We opened the windows and doors and let the house warm up. Ssooooo nice to have sunshine and warmth! Todd got back from his month long tour last night and took a walk of what had taken place in his absence. Over all, I don't think the changes are all that breathtaking as it is wiring. It doesn't show up that much, or I've just gotten used to it being around it everyday. But Todd picked up on all kinds of things. Of course the fireplaces!!!!

But - the fireplaces. Another story altogether. Sandra had worked her tail off to clean them up, scraping and then brushing with acid. They we're beautiful. Deep red, orange. Well a trip to the big orange box store looking for a sealer, and we were directed to a product by Behr. A stone and paver sealer. If you ever need to seal your patio DO NOT use this product!!!!!. After putting it on, the material ended up turning a very cloudy finish. Totally destroyed the current look. Sandra thought it was something she had done, but looked up on the Internet. Turns out that everyone that has used the product says the same thing. It is awful, and has ruined their projects. You can look it up yourselves. Just a warning.

However - things turned out not so bad as Cassidy hadn't really liked the brightness of the red brick and the new look suited her well. So - all is OK in the end. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yada yada yada.

Todd and I started setting up some of the HVAC today. Began to set the return plenum on the upstairs unit, attached the evaporator to the air handler, and ran the refrigerant lines through the walls, down through the brick and outside. That was tough, trying to snake it down the roof section into the wall without kinking it. Would have been best with three people one at each level, but it was Todd and I and we kept traipsing up and down to feed a little and pull a little. Finally got it through, but came up short. Still need probably another 10 feet to finish that run. But it's started!

Will finally call for electrical inspection tomorrow as I'm in all week. I don't see any reason I shouldn't pass, but I'll cross my fingers just the same.

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