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Larry in Nashville, TN's Journal Entries

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 3/1/2015 8:10:53 PM

Closing lines from the last entry were something along "....  And this I can get done early Saturday and call for an inspection next week"

Well as the story goes, after a full weekend, I'm nearly ready for inspection.  1.  Things ALWAYS take so much longer than you thought and 2.  There are always more things than you remembered that had to be done.  
Towards the first, for the closets, I had to frame in a flat ceiling transition between the vertical wall and the roof line that meets it.  A very acute angle that would give the sheet rockers a fit and didn't give me any place to set the lights.  That took the better part of half a day.  And then I had forgotten about hall lights that needed to go in, and oh yes Sandra thought of another one.  And I had to set the last bathroom fan, and I forgot that I needed to connect the multitude of wires into the breaker panel and, and, and.  So two days gone and I'm finished. --- oops there's the light for the laundry.  Wire's run but I got To set the box.  Oops one more can in the guest room.  Again wire's run, but missing the fixture.  That's it. ---- oops I've forgotten to wire the receptacle for the tankless water heater.  Box is there, but this time no wire. It's a gas heater, but still needs 110 to operate.  So - 1 hour, hour and a half max I'll be done with rough electric.  I'm pretty busy at work this week, so inspection will have to wait until the following.  I've got a lot of framing that needs to be finished.  Bits and pieces that you bypass as you do the bigger things and don't want to get bogged down. But next weekend will be a good one to get caught up on those.

I did go and pick up the sheetmetal I had ordered.  Pretty impressive. A bunch of stuff. One section of return plenum was 10 feet long.  Before we left today, Sandra and I carried it up to the second floor.  As I think I mentioned before, the stairway is pretty tight with little headroom.  We barely got it to go and then in through the master into the master bath. Where it will set behind a linen closet and pull from the hall.

Sandra spent the weekend working on the fireplaces again.  She ended up painting one chimney on the second floor as she just couldn't get it clean enough for natural or even a whitewash.  On the others that she had cleaned up, she put a coat of stone sealer of them since the day was relatively warm - finally!  They look great if I do say.

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