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Posted by Donte on 2/28/2015 5:45:00 AM

Everyone wants to be a celebrity. Someone works hard day and night to achieve the set goal, while someone uses the referral method to break in. Some people work hard and look for a referral. However, not many of them succeed.

Fame is not easy.

Today, we are sharing tips that can help you ease the path.

Work on your looks

This is a must. If you are lining up for the audition of a ghost, you cannot expect them to like you if you are wearing a Cinderella dress. The doll looks will not charm a casting director who is looking for a ghost. So, know the requirement and work on your looks.


To support your looks, you should wear enough makeup to make an impression. Don’t overdo it. At the same time, don’t miss out on the necessary makeup items.

Secret tip: Apart from knowing what the role is all about, check for the history of the casting director/s. This will give you an idea of what look they are looking for.

If you are planning to buy makeup products online, buy it from and get exclusive discounts on makeup products. also offers combo offers that can be helpful.

 Be kind and gentle in your conversation

There will be times that the person standing or sitting in front of you may not be decent. In fact, he/she may be extremely rude to you. But you have to be kind and gentle in your conversation.

However, if the other person is questioning your self-respect, move away. There will be many opportunities coming your way. Look for the right one, where people are even decent and respect your self-respect.

 Be patient

This is difficult, really difficult. Almost everyone out there will test your patience. So, it is better to be patient. Every opportunity will test you.

For this, you should do yoga or meditate at home. Meditation or a yoga session will help you be patient.

 Be attentive

While they expect you to be patient even after making you sit at a little spot for hours, they don’t want you to test their patience. If your name is called, you are expected to be at the place in the very next minute.


If you are called up for a casual meet, make sure that you look decent. You are no more a college student who can wear anything anywhere and expect others to cater to your needs. You are here to bag a role that can change your life. So, look good.

Planning to buy a new pair of jeans or a new t-shirt? Look for coupons that can help you get some of the best offers available online. Expect bigger discounts on using matching coupons for get 30% off.

Please note: Unexpired coupons are to be used for valid discounts and offers.

Don’t choose positive

Everyone wants to be a hero; not many are willing to be the villain. You can be different and accept the role of a villain with grace. Luck plays games. Soon, you might get a lead role as a hero. So, keep calm and play on.


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