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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 1/31/2015

A few weeks back, I ordered all but one of the replacement windows.  The last one I didn't have a measurement on and will order that this week.  The eight windows arrived Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, they were not quite the correct size.  I had given the salesman the dimensions I needed the windows to be, as I have to build wood frames for them to sit in.  The previous salesperson and I had discussed this, and the test window last fall arrived at the expected dimensions.  But I had forgotten that conversation and didn't convey it.  You see what the window company normally gets, is the rough opening size and they trim 1/2 inch off of that to allow for fitting and shimming. We can trim the exterior to work out ok, but another step we didn't really need.  

The important thing for the day was we got all eight installed, including the big double we had to make in the kitchen.  ( Wasn't sure how that one was going to work out ). 

The frames were constructed of clear yellow pine. The bottom piece was made from treated deck board.  The windows fit inside the frame, attached with screws so they fit flush with the front edge.  The assembly was the lifted into the opening, And we nailed into place.  But first the old windows had to be removed and we set Todd to the task.  You would not believe the amount of stuff that came out of each.  Not only the old framing, but loads of old plaster and soot!  We kept well away from him, and keep the house ventilated to avoid stirring up Cassidy's allergies.  It worked! 

We basically had an assembly line going, where the three of us had their own part, and didn't get in the way of the others.  Todd deconstructing, Cassidy cutting the frames and blocking, and I putting it together.  Cass and I would then set in place.  But the end of the day we were all amazed at what we had gotten done.  And it was one of those things that makes a visual difference, unlike the mountain of stuff we have been doing lately that is hidden in the framing.


Good tearing out the double window on the kitchen. Replacing with the new meant careful measurements around the mullion that was left and squaring properly when building the frame. Cass was totally shocked that it went in the first time without any need to be removed and make minor adjustments
New window set. The backlight through the window makes both of these a bit difficult to see, unfortunately.

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