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Kerry in Northvale, NJ

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Posted by TC in Austin/McDade, TX on 1/21/2015 10:54:11 PM

Plumbing is now done for the top out, all pipes ran, and verified, gas line is in place

 electric is in progress, done upstairs
HVAC duct is in place
Panasonic ERV is scheduled to go in  on Thursday
Roof should be on next week...MAN that was stretched out, glad we used Avantec 1 1/8th" decking for the 2nd floor

NOW, on to low voltage...

Media closet will be located upstairs in a small area that is all but useless, BUT will allow a much cleaner look as all TV's will be mounted on the wall and no boxes or other items will distract from the clean TV mounted look.

Each wall mounted TV location will get:
1)electric outlet behind where the TV will be
2) HDMI  over Ethernet (cat 6) back to the media closet(green wire)
3) antenna connection back to the structured wiring closet and then connected to amp and up to antenna  in the "attic"(white coax)
4) coax back to the structured panel, this is redundant in case needed or for viewing cameras on tv(black solid core coax)
5) Ethernet for internet ready TV's(cat 5e purple)

then each bedroom will also have 2 locations with phone(red cat 5e) and Ethernet(purple) and perhaps another coax location, 2 speaker lines and a whole house control panel with intercom(Yellow cat 5e)

media room will have location for projector wired up as well as a location high on the wall in case we decide to put a TV instead of a projector, 7.2 surround sound pre-wired, for in wall use as well as whole house audio. and 2 loops from the back to the projector and TV location for  "what ever" we want, and a couple of  Ethernet/phone outlets

Washer Dryer locations(all 3) and the 2 HVAC locations (as well as stove and fridge) will be wired for Ethernet...heck 10 years ago we were lucky to have 1 PC, never know what the future will bring and wire is cheep.

Wiring 2 locations for wireless routers in the crawl space laughing called an attic

Loft will have an HDMI/COAX/Ethernet?antinna location for a projector across the main downstairs to about 120" screen, as well as whole house audio/intercom

The pictures are just wires (and not all) from the upstairs, little blurry as the battery was low and did not let me use a flash.

Plumbers were also onsite today to attach the house to the 2" line going across the garden. Digging under the deck(ok thru) joists


Structured wiring panels
inside the panels black is coax white coax antenna red phone purple Ethernet
yellow whole home audio white zig zag is speaker wire for later install of speaker
TV location, blue is power, coax, antenna, and Ethernet.
wire, wire, and more WIRE....ARRRR
The fog this morning
plumbing joined to the house
and the trench

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