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Wow! Imagine how overwhelming this process would've been if I hadn't read The O-B Book!
Andrea in Dallas, TX

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 1/21/2015 8:51:20 PM

More like trying to get an inspection.  Calle the past two days and can't seem to get hold of the inspector. Really would like to get that crossed off the list, now that I've taken care of the few things he wanted changed, and I've retested for leaks.

In the meantime, Sandra and I have been putting thermax foil backed foam on the exterior side of the knee walls and foam sealing at the top to the same material we placed between the rafters where they meet up. Then Sandra is caulking each stud bay around the perimeter.  We are trying our best to seal this place up, but there are a few places where it will be difficult due to the way the house was constructed and obstacles in the way.  But if we can stop 80% of the air loss we have come a long way from where it could have been. 

We also ran 6" of pink batts behind the knee walls on top of the OSB I put in recently to increase the r value up to about 45 once we blow in fiberglass in the joists below. 
And over the weekend it was absolutely gorgeous weather, so I used up the rest of the spray foam from several weeks ago to seal the blocking at the ceiling joist ends.

The HVAC units arrived yesterday.  Got them unloaded and into the house.  Will begin trying to set them over the next few weeks.  Have to find a sheet metal shop to have drip pans and ducts/plenums made.  Framed up for the outside pads for the condensing units today and will pour concrete for them tomorrow.  Cheaper than buying the prefab plastic/foam things, but obviously more work.  Didn't I once say I was done mixing concrete?

Sandra put together a punch list as there are several things that we started, but hadn't finished.  Moving on to something new is always more fun! She wants to get those done before the list gets too long.  She's right of course. Like finally replacing the side door with the new one we bought and painted back in October - no maybe September? Picked up a new set of wood chisels so I can do that tomorrow.

Todd has been making the gates for the fence - another thing on the list.  After the list is done, we'll get back to  electrical. We are maybe halfway done with that - maybe?


Poor quality picture as it was dark and the phone had trouble focusing, but you can se ho we have run the Thermax on the outside of the knee walls and mated to that between the rafters.

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