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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 1/2/2015

As I move towards the end of my winter vacation I figured I probably should get some more of these chores done...after all they won't do themselves!

I decided today to work on installing more of the thresholds.  I only got half of the fireplace done (the interface between the wood floor and the tile) the last time around so I focused on this first.  This turned out to be more problematic than I'd expected though--I kept cutting the longer piece too short!  I got the two short pieces cut just fine, but when I cut the longer piece it was about a 1/4 inch too short.  Well smeg, I thought--guess I mis-measured something.  So I remeasured everything and made the cuts very carefully--and it was too short again!

At this point I was rather annoyed, so I carefully took measurements again and snagged another of my now-dwindling supply of floor thresholds (the flooring folks had left a couple of boxes of them behind when they left but I'd used quite a few doing other flooring work).  I cut it very carefully this time, laid it into place---and it was too short again!


It took me a while to figure out what I'd been doing wrong....I even took a lunch break while pondering.  I'd been measuring from the inside of the angled cut rather than from the outside.  This resulted in three beautiful cuts that were almost exactly 1/4 of an inch too short.  Keeping this in mind I pulled yet another piece from the stockpile, made the cuts---and they were right!  Huzzah!

Glad to get that out of the way!

The other areas I worked on were the thresholds into the master bedroom closets.  These had been problematic for me as the gap I needed to span was relatively wide--over 3 inches.  I had been unable to find anything suitable that would work for a threshold in the local hardware stores (having looked all summer) and had basically resigined myself to buying a larger slab of wood (probably pine or oak) and planing it down to the right thickness.  That wasn't going to be easy of course and I probably wouldn't entirely care for the results but I had to do something.  

On a lark however I was in Lowes about two weeks ago and swung by the thresholds, and there spotted a 3.5" product!  It was actually a smidge taller than I really wanted (in keeping with the wider size) but it would fit (barely), so I decided to pick up a couple and give them a shot.  I had to do some staining (these were unfinished) and I went ahead and varnished them so they'd hold up to water and the like better, but I have to admit they are just about perfect.  One annoying discovery however while I was measuring to put them in was that the builders did a crappy job on the doorframes themselves...they ain't as square as I thought they were!  Fortunate I caught this while measuring rather than simply assuming they were in fact square and sized them properly.  An annoying issue but not unworkable.

A goodly day indeed.

Steven in Colorado

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