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I don't know everything, but I learn a lot from other posts on your site. I have also bought a lot of your publications and learned from them. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
Frank B., San Pedro, CA

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Larry in Nashville, TN's Journal Entries

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 12/15/2014 11:56:30 PM

Been absolutely frustrating the past several days. Called for my first inspections on Wednesday. Now each city seems to have its own method of arranging inspections.  I understand that.  And one has to get up to speed on how it's done.  So I get asked -" indeed to arrange for framing and plumbing rough-in ". The women says "What time?" Time? I am used to them asking what day.  So I said "Friday".  "Friday? You don't want it today?" And so it went.  She put a note on my request for Friday, I arrange to take off  work from my day job, and go about finishing getting the plumbing ready and test.  

Turn the water on - one leak at a solder joint.  Now it seems to me that no matter if you do a hundred joints or just a few, the gods are going to keep you humble by including one joint that you have to drain the system for and redo.  Never fails.  And I have done thousands of joints in my life. So I take care of that, retest and it's good.  The gods have had their amusement.

Go to fill the waste lines with water.  I keep adding water, looking for leaks.  The lines never seem to fill, but no leaks inside.  Finally check outside and the inflatable plug had Deflated enough that all the water was escaping outside down the sewer.  I fix that, and put the cap on over the Shrader fitting (just like a car tire) assuming that the fitting was leaking a bit.  That takes care of that problem throughout the rest of the testing. On that plug.

Go and fill again. Four, yes four leaks.  Two in the basement, two upstairs.  Now I have no idea why I should have leaks.  Putting PVC together is child's play. But I see some of the same porous joints that I experienced at the house in Houston in the "Last Rodeo" blog.  I've got to find out what is going on with that.  The cement and primer I was using was fresh.  One of the leaks takes a major redo cutting out a wye and reconfiguring the pipe run as everything else was set around it.  Repair all the leaks, and test again.  Three are fine, one is stubborn and leaks again.  Back to HD for a couple fittings. Redo and leave to set over night.  Testa again on Friday morning and the dang thing STILL LEAKS.  I am beside myself.  The inspector is supposed to arrive and this thing is still leaking.  I figure " Ok, I'll get a partial inspection on the water lines, and leave the drains till after the holidays as my schedule is rapidly closing for the year.  As I'm waiting for both inspectors that I had scheduled, I couldn't leave for more fittings.  So I spend some time climbing up on the roof and extending the two vents through it.  Needed to be done and the weather was sunny, so a good day to do it.
Cassidy came over later in the day, I sent her to get the fittings I needed and afterwards "repaired" the leak.  Letting it sit for a day to ensure everything would be strong and tight. Meanwhile no inspectors.  I call, get a voicemail, leave a message no reply.  Figure I'm done with the plumbing - and of course was not- and decided to begin teaching Cassidy about wiring.  Had her drill holes and run the lines for the laundry -washer and dryer.  Tied them back into  the panel, and had enough wire to make the run to the island for the small tankless under the sink.  She was asking questions throughout which is good.  Last night she told is she got on the internet and read up on circuitry.  So she's ready to do more!

Yesterday made it back to the house, and went to test the drains.  Started filling, and filling and looked outside from the deck and no- the plug was holding.  Listened as I was filling and didn't hear any leaks.  But still kept filling.  Finally I'm thinking maybe a line in the basement was leaking. But a simple leak wouldn't have needed as much water as I was putting to it.  I head down from the second floor and OMG, the inflatable plug in the shower drain of the 3/4 bath on the first floor had popped out and water was all over and running into the basement!  Checked the damage in the basement.  Seemed ok, kept to one section and ran down a floor drain.  Reset the plug, refill, and the same danged leak upstairs is leaking again, and now in two of the joints of the repair.  What do I need to do to appease the gods?!!!
And it that wasn't enough, I now had a water leak show up.  I'm ready to call it a day early in the morning.  I head back out, grab more fittings, and thinking there is some type of stress from an alignment issue on the troublesome joint, I pull off some pipe further back, reset the the joint with no stress from that pipe, and plugged it.  I'll test it next weekend, and if it holds, will reset the other piping with a slight modification to ensure better alignment.
Fixed the water leak after getting soaked trying to relieve the pressure.  And the repair held.
On a better note - to get away from the plumbing and increase my chances of keeping some sanity, I finished the electrical outside, connecting in the wiring from the meter to the main breaker, and from the main breaker to the inside panel.  Now as you might recall, the wire I was using was very thick aluminum and very difficult to bend, even when just a single wire.  I was able to make the connections on one side, but the meter to main required a very very tight radius and there would be no way to make it.  Had a bright idea to switch to copper.  That requires a smaller wire as the conductivity is better than aluminum.  And then it got better! The wire on the old service that I had removed was the right gauge!  Worked beautifully.  At least something got accomplished this past week!

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