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Steven in Colorado Springs, CO's Journal Entries

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/11/2014

After a few days of generally goofing off and getting some Christmas chores out of the way, I figured that today it was time to take a whack at the Winter Projects list.

Since the weather right now is spectacular (we're supposed to turn cold again here this weekend), I decided to take advantage of this fine weather and work on the shed. I could do all of this stuff in colder weather to be sure but it's a lot more pleasant this way, and besides I needed to do some tidying up.

First up was to work on deconstructing the old shed a bit more, removing some insulation for redeployment into the attic of the new shed. The work went fairly quickly with my spending more time actually moving around boards and such that I'd taken off the walls than actually removing the insulation per se, but I eventually got a large pile that move. I began hauling armloads over to the new shed and up the ladder into the attic there where I promptly ran into an annoyance of a problem--the hatch for the attic kept falling down on me while I was hauling Styrofoam up. I finally decided to just take it down completely and get it out of the way.

It was on my last trip between the sheds that my eye fell upon a piece of plywood in the old shed that I'd pulled off the walls. That's odd, I thought to myself, that's just about exactly the right size to fit that hatch properly. I took the other load of foam up the ladder, then hauled up that piece of plywood--and it was an almost perfect fit!

So that immediately became the second part of this afternoon's fun. While I had a piece that fit nearly perfectly it did require some trimming work, and I had to go very carefully there so as not to make a mistake (measure thrice and cut once is my motto up here). Once I got it done I needed to go fetch some hinges so I wandered down to the house to get them, started to attach the hatch...

...and promptly realized that once I did attach it I would make putting the big light up virtually impossible. In the work I'd done back in October I ran into a problem with the attaching of the light. This fairly large LED light I'd gotten was perfect for the task, but actually getting it attached was problematic. I'd tried several times to get it up there and anchored with various bolts but it never quite worked--the bolts weren't long enough, or there wasn't enough space to run them through the ceiling, etc. I needed to get this light up while it was still (relatively) easy to do so and before I finished attaching the hatch, otherwise I'd really wrestle with it down the road.

So I pondered for a bit and tried various combinations of things. They all failed for one reason or another but each time I got a bit closer to a solution. Eventually, I hammered the cross brace that was partially in my way (of course the hole I drilled was right next to a cross-brace--why would it be anywhere else?) and with great effort got the light up there and anchored down!

By now I was losing my light but I'd made good progress. Some additional insulation had been removed from the old shed and was at least up in attic of the new shed. I'd finally gotten the big light I'd had for a year installed and working. I got a proper hatch installed in the attic that will make it easier for me to finalize out the placement of the last bits of Styrofoam and such in the attic.

Not done by any means, but a good start!

Steven in Colorado


A nice shot of the increasingly deconstructed old shed.
Most of the insulation is completely gone from this side.
Taking out the insulation in the ceiling revealed where much of the water leakage had happened.
More bare walls.
The light installed! I haven't tucked away the cords yet but the important thing is it's done.

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