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Jack Mullins

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/9/2014

Living in the foothills has always brought its own rewards and occassionally challenges.  Today brought the latter.

I'd spent a fine day in town doing miscellaneous chores--some Christmas shopping, some recycling, some miscellaneous--and was headed back to Tanglewood at about 3:00PM.  My goal was to get home before the sun went down (which happens ridiculously early this time of year) and was well on my way.

When I got into the canyon, however, I came upon the well drilling rig that has been working in the flat part of the canyon parked smack in the middle of the road.  And I mean smack in the middle of the road--there was zero place to get around it at all.

Talking to the two guys working the problem, it turned out that they'd been running the rig back out when it crossed the third crossing (which is just beyond that truck literally about one car length) and then quit. Died.  Stopped.  Deader than a doornail.

They had fetched a truck and were trying to jumpstart it without much luck.  I offered up a can of starter fluid and hung around for a few minutes as they continued to work on it.  It became apparent however that they weren't getting it up and running anytime soon, and so I decided to head back into town to get some dinner and basically wait it out.  When I left they were each on the phone to a different person, requesting batteries and tools to be brought ASAP (the working theory was that the battery had died and that the trucks didn't have enough horsepower to jump the rig).

I'm not really sure how long it took for them to get things done, but I headed back around 8:00PM and the way was clear.  They'd parked the rig carefully outside the last of the canyon road on the edge of the flats and there was very little indication that there had been anything blocking the road at all.

Good times, good times.....

Steven in Colorado


They could have died nearly anywhere else and we could have gotten by...

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