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Most likely we will build an ICF home, and reading Steven from Colorado Springs, CO's entries and many others who have built ICF homes has helped us to no end with our project.
Frank in Columbia, MD

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 11/29/2014

I actually took Thanksgiving Day off. I'm proud of myself! Spent the morning preparing dishes to take to Cassidy's house as she and Todd were doing the turkey. His sister and her boyfriend and his parents were visiting for the holiday and Kelsey came in from Houston. It was reeeeeally great to take a breather and relax and spend time with family.

Black Friday I didn't even go shopping at HD or Lowe's! Spent the day running more PEX lines trying it together. Got a lot done including sweating together the copper stub outs for the lavs and toilets and got them connected in. Set started setting the shower piping for the master and upstairs guest. Also pulled out the hot water PEX to the kitchen that I had run just the other day. I've decided to put a small electric tankless instead right under the sink. I always hate having to wait for hot water to make it to the sink or dishwasher. This will take care of that.

Today was fairly nice outdoors so I satisfied my ADD and started putting in the new 200 amp electrical service drop. Spent most of the day and didn't get all that far, but do have the mast and meter base in. Cut the brick where I'll bring the wire from the main breaker panel outside next to the meter and into the house, but still need some fittings to make it all work. And of course buy the wire. I expect that will take a loan even in aluminum. The stuff is as thick as my index finger. And I need about 50 feet or so to get in down the mast and over to the indoor panel. Tomorrow is supposed to even warmer, so if it doesn't rain, I can hopefully finish most of it and think about getting an inspection. Then back to plumbing so I can get that inspected before the end of the year.

Sandra and the kids were running the picket fence today. Takes a lot longer than what one would think, especially as the holes are being dug by hand this time. They got most of the side done and will move on to the front tomorrow. It's really looking good. And I was really happy they were able to learn how to do it. Allows me to continue plumbing and electrical.


Todd putting together a fence section
Fence down the side. Caps are on some of the posts, others need to be trimmed and capped.

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