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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 11/23/2014

Weather has warmed back up nicely again, well for late November. At least it not well below freezing at night. Sandra and Cassidy set vinyl corner posts around the front yard in preparation for a Thanksgiving work day when Todd's family comes to town. They are going to put up a fence, and it was best to set the corners in concrete now so they have a firm start point.

Sandra has finished putting foam strips over the edges of the rafters. This will reduce the amount of heat lost through them as wood is really a very poor insulator. Today she nailed a 1' x 3' furring strip onto the foam, which will be the surface that the sheetrock is fastened to. The addition of the the two also increases the amount of space that we can fill with insulation. She's really been taking care of a lot of things that need to be taken care of and has taken a load off of me. Which has allowed me to continue on the plumbing. I finally finished all the drain lines and vents up to the roof. I still need to cut them through the roof , but will try to wait until after the rough in inspection. As part of that, I need to plug all the openings and fill the lines with water to make sure I have no leaks. But I really don't want to be climbing all over the roof to do that. I'll post some pics next time. And oh yea, finished spray foaming the walls. Started running the water lines today. Didn't get very far but will start laying out more tomorrow on a day of vacation I'm taking. Need to get that moving to get the inspection and keep the permit open. I think I figured how to get an electrical inspection to keep that open as well- I need to put in a new service entrance. That should take a weekend for me to get accomplished, which is something I should be able to get done in time. And it takes an inspection. So I think I'll be good. That takes a big load off my mind. Too many things Need to be done to finish the electrical wiring throughout the house in time.


High density foam strips are added to the inside of the rafters. That's the blue section.
Another shot of the strips

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