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We have just finished watching your Workshop DVDs and found them full of good advice. I especially liked the reason you gave for requesting labor-only bids - that your lawyer won't let you have the sub furnish the materials due to liens from material suppliers. I will definitely use that!
Kim Oleson

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 11/3/2014

Brrrr! It seemed like just a few weeks ago I was complaining about the heat. Yesterday morning the temp was 27. Fortunately we missed the snow that hit eastern TN and the Carolinas. Time to by some thermal coveralls son.

While we were gone this week, Todd and Cassidy got the blocking nearly finished, at least the first set. I realize now that another set needs to go in as well further into the room with the way the house is put together. But the first set was the nastiest as there was a ton of soot, old cedar shingle, plaster bird nests etc. on the top plate of the exterior walls. The kids cleaned all of that out while they were blocking the joist spaces in prep for insulation. Todd also got the remaining rafter tails cut flush in the master that lead to the roof extensions that leads to the upper deck. Saturday we reinforced the ceiling in that extension, leveled it so the - again - unlevel section is not apparent when sheetrock is run. Saturday was spent putting in the French door to the upper deck. This entailed ripping out most of that wall, and finding the floor unlevel, We had to jack up and shim ceiling/floor joists. Sound familiar? A recurring theme in the house. In order to do that, there was the remainder of the old external first floor porch ceiling that was covering it. Yes you can deduce a lot of the old history when working on it. Above the beaded wood ceiling was 100 years of soot and grime that came falling down as Todd worked the crowbar. What a mess! About 3/4 was salvageable and we'll use it somewhere in the house as an antique wall. Sand it down and leave enough of the paint showing.

Door is in, works well, level. Gotta finish putting siding back on so Sandra can paint it. Winters coming right?
Test window came in. Cassidy ripped out the frame, I built a new one and we got it set. Overall looks pretty good as we are still using the original trim outside. But there is one other way I might look at doing the other replacements. But on this one, I mismeasured the size and I had ZERO extra height. Had to tap it into place. Almost not doable. Whew!

Gotta start thinking more about plumbing and electrical as they need inspections in seven weeks or I have to redo the permits. Gotta switch gears and get those going!


Todd ripping down the old ceiling that was part of the original porch, so we can level the joists before putting in the French door upstairs
What a mess it was!
Framed out
Finished except for siding

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