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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 10/31/2014

There were still a few things I wanted to try to get done on the shed after last weekend's adventures and for the most part I succeeded. What's left will provide a nice "tidy up" list for the Winter, 2014 plans.

As noted last week I need to get more insulation installed in the new shed's attic. I'd built up a nice pile of the stuff I'd extracted from the old shed but hadn't had the chance to move it yet, so that's how today was spent. Turned out of course that this is one of those things that would have benefited from being done before I'd sealed up the attic, but naturally finishing the attic had to be done before I could move the batteries and actually get to the old insulation in the first place--so I just sighed and dealt with it.

The hardest part of course was getting the larger sheets of rigid insulation through the attic hatch. On the plus side the hatch is almost directly under the highest point of the shed, but on the minus side the full sized sheets wouldn't fit through it as they were too wide. That wasn't all that annoying though, since the full sized sheets were too big to fit between the rafters formed by the trusses anyway. Fortunately the people who make this stuff had already pre-scored it along a variety of sections to be easily "snapped" apart if necessary and that's mostly what I did. All of the insulation that I'd stacked up was eventually relocated into the shed's attic, and then I spent a quality hour moving it around and stacking it up so as to provide a nice insulated cover.

I didn't get everything done here I'd wanted to get done--there are still several sheets' worth of insulation in the old shed to remove, but I'm going to have to do some more deconstruction first. I also want to fill in the gaps (one of the disadvantages of the rigid insulation) with some spray foam, but by the time I was done it was getting too late in the day and I no longer had very good light up there (that attic is dark without some light up there--I'll need to correct that).

With the insulation done I thought I might install the shiny new door latch I'd purchased. This will let me properly close the doors (the heavy insulation on the gaps is still springy and will force one door partially open if I let it) and just makes things more secure. I'd bought a sturdy 5" latch that I thought would look quite snazzy with the doors and their recently installed handles--but as I began to figure out where it would go I realized I had a bit of a problem.

The latch wasn't wide enough--at least not so as to attach as securely as I'd like. The 5" width only allowed it to be mounted on the door sheet metal "ridges" which basically have air behind them; I wanted to mount it security into the door infrastructure itself. This would work, basically, but it wasn't what I wanted--so I'm going to have to finish this next week. Sigh.

With that project temporarily tabled I decided to look at getting some proper lighting installed inside the shed proper. I have a decent little 16" fluorescent light I use pretty regularly at present, and there's also a sturdy iron table lamp I've also drafted into service when I need brighter lighting in a given area. Neither of these really lights up the shed the way I'd like though, and as it happens I'd come across a big LED ceiling lamp that would be perfect for the shed. It'll actually be a bit of an overkill (this sucker is BRIGHT), but given that I sometimes need to see under the battery racks and such I think it will work out perfectly.

I took several measurements and eventually figured out where I wanted to mount this puppy--but of course that's when I ran into another problem. I had intended to mount this up into one of the cross-beams under the trusses as it's heavier than I can trust with just screws in drywall, but the screws long enough to reach up firmly into the 2x4 cross-beam were also too long to be fit into the mounting holes! Grrrr.......

I eventually decided that I could shift the light slightly to one side and use toggle bolts instead as they'll spread out the weight a bit, but by that time I was losing my sunlight so I deferred that particular fun until tomorrow. When I got back down to Tanglewood I immediately retrieved several different sizes of toggle bolts and set them where I'll remember them tomorrow.

A fine Halloween finish to the year's activities... I am pleased.

Steven in Colorado

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