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Wow! Imagine how overwhelming this process would've been if I hadn't read The O-B Book!
Andrea in Dallas, TX

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 10/27/2014

With Todd and I off work and able to work full time this past week, we've made some good progress on several things. One was to shim up the LVL joists we added to the den ceiling and part of the kitchen. In doing so, we were able to get most of the warp out of the second floor, especially where it was really bad. Soooo much better. With that done I set Todd to finishing the framing, allowing him to work by himself and only checking in from time to time. I bought an insulated attic door and we got that set, but upon closing it the last time, the right metal brace failed to close properly and bent badly. I got it straightened out, but where it is riveted to the ladder, its now loose and doesn't open without hanging up. Sandra says take it back.. Todd and I say it's too much trouble if we fix it by drilling out the rivet and installing a bolt. There's no reason it should have done what it did. I'll look at it some more and decide what to do.

Repositioned a few of the second floor ceiling joists (collar ties) trying to get them leveled better to each other. It was tough to do originally when the other walls and Original collar ties were still in place. Now it's more visible with the framing coming together.

With all the blocking in place, you now have to walk through the doors to get into each room. All the spaces are defined. Sunday I drilled holes for the toilet flanges, and showers. Was able to miss all the floor joists! Also finally figured out how to run the drains and vents with minimal disturbance. We will have to use a tray ceiling in the kitchen, but it will make plumbing so much easier, and look great as well. Ordered a French door for the master to the upper deck. It should be in by this weekend. I got it with both doors opening, so we can take them out to squirm the frame up the very tight staircase. Was far more than I wanted to spend, but, i couldn't see a regular one making the switchback. We'll get that in this weekend, and then I'll start running plumbing.

Spray foam is coming tomorrow. I'm going to run 1" in the stud bays to air seal, before putting fiberglass over that. Calling for a freeze this weekend, so I'll have to wait until the following week to spray.

I'm out of town this week, left Todd a chore to block above the top plate and between ceiling joists, so we can can get some insulation in there later.

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