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Hi. I am new here and SO happy to have found this site! I am very new to this owner-builder circle/just beginning.
Karen in Kingston, NH

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 10/26/2014

As we near the end of summertime, I've been working to put some finishing touches on the shed so it will come through the winter nicely. I still need to move the insulation I stacked up a couple of weeks back but didn't have time to do that this weekend, so I puttered doing some of the smaller chores instead.

First up was the move of my Internet connection. Back when I'd built the new shed I'd made sure to put in a 1/2" penetration for the Ethernet line - but in retrospect I didn't think this through as well as I should have.Since we moved everything from the old shed I'd been working with a hodgepodge of a system - the Ethernet line from the antenna ran through the front door while the line to the house ran out through the 1/2" penetration. This was because it was more important to get the solar stuff moved first after all.

But with a change of weather coming I decided to correct this and properly run everything through that penetration I'd made so I could finally bury all of the lines properly...but that's where I ran into a bit of a problem. It turns out to be pretty easy to push a single Ethernet line through a 1/2" PVC but putting TWO of them through it isn't so simple. The heads wanted to fight with each other and I discovered that it's very easy for them to bind up as you try to push them through. If I tried to push one through and then the other, the jack on the second line would "bind up" on the line of first.

After a couple of very failed and frustrating attempts I eventually figured out that if I taped the two jacks together, one behind the other, I could manage to wrestle them through the line. Pushing was a bit slow (I only did a couple of inches at a time so I wouldn't risk kinking the lines), but once they were through I could pull them from the inside pretty easily. I also belated figured out that I'd gotten a bit lucky - the only reason I was able to run those two lines nestled that close together in the first place is that they're both shielded. Good advance thinking on my part, though if I'd really been on the ball I would have put in a 3/4" or even two 1/2" penetrations instead!

Once that was done I put in some more insulation around the doors and fashioned a cover flap for the outside that should help keep cold air from just flowing freely in. Turns out I'd bought a bit too much of the pipe insulation that helped fill insulate the larger gaps, as it was too big to work in the gap between the doors. I'll pick up another bag of the smaller diameter stuff as I think this is more or less the right way to go, but having that flap installed should really do most of the job in any event (until I get the radiant heat system running next summer at least).

After a break for lunch I was back up to do some more miscellaneous work... The most noteworthy being that I finally got the outside handles installed. I also dug out a bit more in front of the doors (mostly the uphill one) so it would open more freely. Eventually I'm going to put a step or two there and fill the floor with something porous like pea gravel so there's a clean base rather than muddy dirt, but that's for next summer.

So all in all a pretty good weekend, even if I was only able do one day's worth of work. Next weekend looks to be a bit cooler but shouldn't interfere with my moving that stack of insulation up into the attic, and I think this week I'll go pick up a couple of cans of the spray foam so I can seal it all in. I also need to spray foam into the penetrations so they're properly insulated, but since they'll be buried that's not as important as the door and attic insulation.

Not too many good days left in this year... Gotta make the most of them!

Steven in Colorado


Door flap as seen from the inside of the shed. You can also spy the pipe insulation I installed against the front of the door to help seal it up tight.
Handles at last! Yes!

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