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At some point I am going to collect my thoughts and really go in to detail about my experience building. I will say this forum was beyond helpful, and a great reliever of stress.
Bryan in Reynoldsburg, OH

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 10/19/2014

When I went up to the shed this morning I'd intended to move the stack of insulation I'd made yesterday to its new home up in the attic. I'd only been up there about 10 minutes though when I promptly cut and then stabbed my hand on the sheet of metal intended for the doors, so I changed my plans to get it up and out of the way so I wouldn't keep stabbing myself.

Of course this didn't go as smoothly as I'd thought it would (perhaps "hoped" is a better word here). Right off the bat I'd made a mistake with regards to the width of these pieces of sheet metal, and had assumed that they were 4' x 8' in size. This would work nicely with the doors as they're right at 6' tall and change, and I knew (since I'd built them) that their total width was a shade under 4 feet - so one piece could be easily cut in half, trimmed to height, and bolted on.

Yeah, no. Turns out these otherwise excellent pieces of sheathing measure 36" wide not the 48" I'd (wrongly) remembered. So the single piece that I'd carefully picked out and hauled up to the site a couple of weeks ago was enough to do a single door, not both of them. Grrrrrrrr.......

So after a bit of thought I decided to install the downhill door's siding since that was generally harder due to the slope of the hill. I can reach the top of the uphill door easily enough, but for the downhill one I had to use a ladder - and a wise man told me once that it's always best to get the hardest part of the job done first. So after much measuring and cutting and double-checking of measurements I applied my handy-dandy RotoZip (a gift from the lovely Colleen) and whittled the metal down to size. I had to do a bit of trimming but honestly it went much more smoothly than I had a right to expect and now at least one door is properly finished up.

After that I was in a door-finishing mood, so I moved to install the floor bolt on the other door. I'd decided a few weeks back that while the double doors were great in the summer I probably didn't want to open both of them during the dead of winter - that would let a lot of heat out. So with this in mind I decided to prevent both doors from being opened unless you wanted to do so, and that meant the installation of a floor bolt to lock it closed by default. So when I was picking up the not-quite-large-enough sheet metal for the doors I also picked up a simple floor bolt. For those who don't know what these are, they're like a gate bolt but they install on a door and close down into the floor or a ground collar. This locks the door closed, but you can unlatch it by kicking a small trigger on the bolt (it's spring-loaded) that pops it up. You lock it back down by stepping on the top of the bolt. As with the door siding this went pretty smoothly as I'd wisely used a nice thick slab of 2x8 as the bottom door threshold. I was really pleased with this once it was done too; it's exactly what I'd wanted.

At this point I was out of door-related things to do (I can't put on the exterior handles and locks until I get the other door siding up), so I went back to pulling insulation out of the old shed. I had to do quite a bit of moving around and restacking of the plywood so I could get to areas of the walls I hadn't addressed yet (that shelving unit really needs to get moved back down to Tanglewood) but I eventually got it done. A bit more insulation got added to the stack outside which now looks like it'll wait another week before deployment into the new shed's attic.

Good to get the floor bolt installed. Annoying I could only get one door properly sided though - I really want to finish that off before we get some wet snow and such. I'll have to pick up another piece of the siding sometime before next weekend.

Not the progress I'd expected, but good progress nonetheless!

Steven in Colorado


A not-great shot of the one door I was able to install siding on.
Floor bolt
Still working on removing insulation from the old shed. Here I've moved all of the plywood over to the downhill side so I can get access to the uphill insulation.

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