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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 10/12/2014

I got a bit later start today than I did with yesterday's efforts, in part because of that cold front that moved in overnight... It took forever for things to warm up enough out there.

But warm it did and I set to getting the insulation I'd pulled yesterday up into the shed's attic. This turned out to be a bit more difficult than I'd thought. Since I'd so carefully sealed up the ceiling and the soffets a while back I now only had this one roughly 2'x2' square hole to get the sheets of insulation through - and one thing about rigid foam insulation is that for the most part, it's pretty rigid.

Fortunately (at least for today) most of the stuff I'd pulled out of the old shed came out of the walls where they'd been fitted between 2x4 studs - and so they were themselves generally cut down to 2-foot wide lengths. That made it a lot easier to push and bend and warp them until they went through that hole, though I found myself climbing up and down the ladder a lot to maneuver them out of the way so I could get more up there.

Once I got a good stack up there I climbed up to move them around and put them into place. The larger LiteDeck blocks I'd salvaged last summer were mostly covering the south end of the attic, so I started stacking all of these pieces into the north end. There was a lot of huffing and puffing and fighting the inclination of the foam to snap when it was bent just a little too much, but I eventually got several nice layers of the stuff stacked up over the north end of the attic. Once I get all of the foam moved (or all of it moved that I can reasonably stash up there) I'll need to seal it in with some of the expanding spray foam so there aren't any gaps, but even with just this much done I could tell that the temperature of the shed had moderated a bit from the outside temps.

With my existing stock of insulation moved I wasn't quite sure what to do next, as there was still enough light to get some more deconstruction work done on the old shed but I didn't want to leave a stack of insulation outside until next weekend. I decided instead to address a problem I'd had with those big huge doors - they are very hard to close if you're inside the shed and want to shut out the colder weather. Thinking about it for a moment, I decide to use the two nice big door handles I'd bought with an eye towards mounting them outside and mount them on the inside instead. This went very well and now I can easily pull the doors shut from the inside, which I will no doubt find even more handy when the weather grows colder and snowier. I can always buy a couple of more handles for the outside, and besides I don't have those doors finished with metal siding yet anyway.

With this bit of inspiration done I spent a bit more time removing plywood panels in the old shed and rearranging what I'd already removed so I could get at more of the walls. The big shelving unit that had held the batteries previously is still in there and I need to take it apart and move it back to Tanglewood, but for the moment it's serving as a handy ladder so I can get to the ceiling area of the old shed. Of course its shelves have become stacked with bits of wood and insulation too, which I'll need to sort out before tearing it down - I can use some of that in the attic I'm sure.

A good weekend of work, I think.

Steven in Colorado

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