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I've been "lurking" for a few months and I must say I'm addicted to this site. You all are very knowledgeable and I've learned a lot.
Adam in Cheyenne, WY

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 10/11/2014

Building on last week's basic moving of and finding places for everything in the new shed, this weekend was primarily focused on some touchup work and installing insulation.

First up was the touch-up work. We'd done a bit of a number on the walls and floor moving everything, so the first thing I did was touch up the walls where we'd scuffed them pretty badly with the short aluminum ladder we used. This wasn't too difficult though there was more of this than I'd thought since some had been done during the move of the solar equipment itself as well. Fortunately I still had a small amount of the paint I'd used for the interior and plenty of brushes still up there, so this worked out well.

After that I did the same to the floor, revisiting a couple of spots where we'd seriously scaped (I think with the ladder again) while maneuvering those heavy batteries up onto their new shelving homes. Since I had lots of leftover epoxy from the work a couple of weeks back this again went quite quickly, though I had to make sure to put the chair over the spots I'd touched up so I wouldn't accidentally step on the wet paint.

Then came the door frame. Way back when I'd put it in I had realized pretty quickly that I didn't want to leave just bare wood there - for one thing it wasn't all that attractive and for another it surely wouldn't hold up well to the water and mud and snow and gunk I would inevitably track into this place. I really liked some of the black stain ("ebony" is what it's actually called) we used for Tanglewood's staircase woodwork and I had quite a bit of it left, so that was an easy choice. I did both the left and right sides as well as the top of the door frame; I'm holding on doing the floor plate until the others dry and I get some additional work completed (I want to install a floor bolt for one door). I went slowly so I wouldn't spatter too badly though I noted later that I'd gotten some stain on the exterior metal sheathing; if that doesn't just clean off then I'll touch up those areas with the color-matched paint I got with the metal. It'll work out well.

So with things painted and needing me to leave them alone so they could dry in peace, I set about to begin deconstructing the old shed so I could get at the rigid blue insulation we'd put into the walls and floor during construction. This stuff has a good R-value (R-10 per 2" of thickness) and I need to insulate the attic so it's as snug as the walls and the door are. Even better reusing the old stuff means I don't (shouldn't anyway) need to buy any new stuff, plus I get a start on taking apart the old shed.

Mostly today was spent just taking off plywood and 2x4s, pulling out sheets of the blue insulation and stacking them outside for tomorrow. I didn't want to bother trying to get them into the new shed until the various things I'd painted dried anyway, and with a little bit of tying down I'm not worried about the wind throwing them around the hillside. By evening I had a nice stack of insulation built up and had removed much of the interior plywood walls of the old shed, so I'm counting this all as a good win.

Tomorrow I'll move all of this foam into the attic of the new shed and (probably) do some more reclamation work on the old shed. We'll see; weather is supposed to be a bit cooler.

So very satisfying to be finishing something rather than still building it!

Steven in Colorado

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