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Hello All, I've been lurking here for a while, and I really appreciate all the tips and feedback you all have provided.
Alex in Mesa, AZ

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 10/22/2014

The floors are level! And who was to say that the plan wouldn't work? No one, but it is always a heck of a rush to actually see the result of taking on a repair, whether on an old house, an automobile or whatever. Todd and I set out in the morning in the basement putting in the beam as discussed in the previous post. A serious sag on one joist and general sagging across the den were fixed as we shored the beam using a 12 ton bottle jack to raise the beam and install two permanent post jacks underneath.

Out before we tackled the ceiling, we first needed to add a header across the 5' opening to the room. The PO had installed framing for an arch, but it went right to the upper plate without any support. There was deflection there and it certainly wouldn't have passed a structural inspection. We were able to cut out the framing intact, install a header beam and reinstall the arch. Trusty Sawzall with a metal blade made quick work of cutting through the nails holding the arch framing in place. We lifted it right out.

It was then on to the ceiling raising. My original idea was to put a beam across the entire span of the room and raise all the joists at the same time, just we did in the basement. But for several reasons, mainly simplicity, we did one at a time. Got three done by lunch, the other four in the den and 6 more in the kitchen by 3:30. Definitely a two-man job. The use of the LVLs worked well as they are so much stronger than lumber. At $60 each, they are not cheap, but sag they do not. They are a bit smaller in depth than the old lumber that is up there, so we need to shim underneath them, to get them to sit flush against the underside of the flooring. Doing so will take care of the very small amount of deflection that is left. And then we can finish off the upstairs framing I had left because it would have interfered with the leveling process.

I'll be able to sleep well tonight - no waking up running the leveling process in my head. I feel sooooo much better now. That bad sag was really annoying me. Yes it's an old house, but I want things right.


The LVLs in the ceiling. Might be difficult to see but they are the orangey looking boards.
$900 worth?!
Arch with header in place

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