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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 10/21/2014

If this was new construction, I would have framed it out long before now. But as I should know better, in an old house things just take longer. Demo of old stud walls, laying out the new and having to measure each an every stud to fit in a house that was built to inexact dimensions (don't EVER believe they built things better in the old days). For example, the rafters are around two feet apart. Some are two feet, some are 22", some 25" - you get the point. Same with the floor joists, same with the studs. Not a big deal when you are running lath and plaster, tough and groove flooring and cedar shingles over random length purlins, but when using today's materials, based on plywood, sheetrock and the like, it adds a whole other dimension as to little things that need to be dealt with. Which eats up time by the hour.

And I have found the source of much of the distortion of the upper floor. It's the ceiling joists in the den which of course are also floor joists. Got a good look down them yesterday. From standing in the room, you don't see anything. But look down the length from one end and "holy smokes Bullwinkle!" They sag 2" at the center! So Todd's and my day tomorrow will be setting out to fix that. We'll start in the basement, setting a 4x6 under the center of the den floor - yes the floor. It sags a bit as well and in addition to providing a solid base to then raise the ceiling, we'll hopefully clean some of that up as well. Once we set the floor beam, the plan is to set a 4x6 as a temporary support at the middle of the ceiling joists. I have 7 1/4" LVLs coming tomorrow the we will use as new ceiling joists. I plan on laying them into nearly the correct position, but because they are straight and the current joist are not, we won't be able to stand them up, until we lift the current joists. Now because they have taken a curve over 100 years, we are not going to be able to reverse that in a few minutes, so in cut a large notch up through the existing joists leaving a "hinge" section at the top. Jack up the beam till things are straight and set the LVLs vertically and shim them until they are tight against the flooring above. Take the beam down and we're done! Piece of cake. I'll let you know just how easy it goes tomorrow night. Wish us lots of luck.


Cassidy's brick and stone work at the man gate. I think she has a new calling!
Walkway from the side porch to the front
Master bedroom. Closet wall on the left went in today. Still need to put a header and related studs in the closet doorway. The ten foot ceilings really open up the space. It was so cramped before, especially because of the sloping walls.

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