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I'm new to this site and have just purchased the lot I plan to build on. So far, this is a terrific resource. I hope I'll be able to contribute as time goes on.
Robert in Paradise Valley, AZ

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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 10/19/2014

After two solid weeks of rain, it finally stopped Friday and the forecast for the next two weeks looks good. Sandra and Cassidy took advantage of the weather to begin finishing off the exterior. Friday we picked up a load of mulch for the beds in front and along the fence. Flowers went in on the front, shrubs and perennials along the fence. Looks fantastic. Cassidy laid a walkway from the side porch to the front using large slabs of sandstone they were able to find at the nursery. Nice sweeping walk. She did such a great job, she went and dug out under the main gate in the fence and started laying a brick entryway will brick that we have found throughout areas of the yard. Remember the brick wall we found when putting the fence in months ago? There and other places. Seems like someone a long time ago had a lot of brick at hand and laid walks and walls around the yard

I spent the weekend working on the upstairs layout. Got the second bath laid out. Also ended up reinforcing the areas I had planned to remove, like side walls on the dormers and pulling out an old beam- those details I had mentioned last week that were going to wait. Naw needed to get those out to continue the layouts.

One of the neighbors from next door stopped by and had a great idea about solving a continuing issue we had with the size of the master and fitting the bed. Suggested we steal some width from the hallway. That also solves an issue with one of the master closets. Sometimes, getting a fresh look at something can really help. So, will try to build that wall tomorrow, remove the existing one and get close to finishing framing the upstairs.

This week I ordered all the stuff for setting the three showers - foam pans, drains, waterproofing fabric. We're nowhere ready to actually construct them, but I need to know where the drains are going so I can begin running plumbing soon. So I'll cut the pans to size and lay them in place and cut throughout the floor. We'll order two claw foot tubs this coming week as well. I spend a fair amount of time, now that the upstairs baths are laid out, thinking as to where and how I can snake my drains and vents in. As it seems with everything else in this old house, it's not straightforward.


After a dormer wall removal in the master bath. This space will be used for the claw foot tub
The girls laying out the plants along the fence.

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