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Mike in Marion, OH

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 10/5/2014

After yesterday's successful generator relocation I spent today getting things a bit more organized in the new shed.

Over the last few days as we were moving the batteries and the solar equipment I was mostly just focused on that particular task - getting things moved. As a result while I got things up and running successfully they weren't terribly well organized, so I spent a big chunk of today sorting things out and making a list of what's next.

The biggest thing was to relocate my monitoring netbook (which you can see in some of the earlier pictures on the shelving with the batteries). That wasn't the best location for this computer and I had a perfectly good desk in the old shed it had been sitting on, so the first thing I did (well second - the new shed badly needed some basic vaccuum work before I could do anything else) was to move that desk. That turned out to be a smidge harder than I thought it would be as (I'd forgotten) that little desk isn't really a desk per se - it's an old sewing machine desk stand that the lovely Colleen had donated to the cause. So of course the instant I picked it up one side flew out to pinch my fingers while the middle fell down to hit my knee...

But I got that sorted out and the desk looks pretty nice situated underneath the glass block window. There's plenty of room there for the main internet modem and the machine itself, with enough left over for an (eventually) external monitor (I love the netbook but really that display is TINY).

After that I spent some quality time tying up cables (nice big roll of cable velcro), touching up some of the areas we'd dinged the paint during the move, and then got to work figuring out what else was needed. I came up with the following after a bit of pondering:

  1. I need to get the door jambs properly insulated. While the doors themselves are 8" thick and were well insulated during construction, the jambs have some gappage due to the sheer depth of the doors. I think that I can do the sides done with basic foam insulation tape, applied in some overlapping layers between the "inside" of the door-side jamb and the door frame - when the door is closed the two layers will overlap and seal up the gap. Since the walls are so thick I can probably put three or even four strips of this along each side, making a nice "buffered" series of air blocks that should work pretty well.

  2. I'm not so sure about the gap between the two doors though, at least not yet. Since the doors are 8" thick I had to leave a goodly gap between the them. The foam tape won't be anywhere near "tall" enough to seal this gap, and even if it were they'd block the opening and closing of the doors themselves. I'm loosely thinking that I can at least do a basic seal of the gap itself with some kind of overlap (called an astragal) to block air flow. Not sure yet about insulating though; still need to ponder that.

  3. I need to install at least two shelves in here, probably one above the solar equipment and one over the computer desk. That will give me some extra storage space and a better way to organize things like system manuals and the like.

  4. I haven't installed my interior light yet and I need to correct that. Not only do I need to put a light in the shed itself (Solar LeRoy ran conduit and an outlet for it; I just haven't mounted it on the ceiling yet) but I should probably add one up in the attic. Working up there right now is only tolerable because of the couple of air gaps I left in the overhangs that let in light; once I close them up it'll be very hard to see up there. Fortunately that won't have to be very fancy and I've got a couple of those old-fashioned "bare bones light fixtures" that should work fine here.

  5. On the subject of the attic it still needs to be properly insulated here before the winter. I had already repurposed the leftover LiteDeck I had from Tanglewood's construction to partially insulate 1/3 of the attic but that wasn't really enough for the entire attic. However, the old shed is packed with rigid blue foam insulation that would be perfect to pull out of the walls and repurpose into the new shed's attic. Of course that will mean spending some quality time tearing out the interior of the old shed but I'll need to do that anyway, so this is probably a task I'll get started on next weekend.

  6. The doors still need to have siding and handles installed so they're a.) not just bare exposed plywood and b.) aren't a royal pain in the snoot to open. This should be a straightforward enough task.
So more progress made and a partial "Winter 2014" list already in hand...oh boy!

Steven in Colorado


Modem and computer all happy on their new desk. You can see the battery shelving back there in the rear of the shed.

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