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Posted by Larry in Nashville, TN on 10/6/2014


Sandra has still been working on painting the exterior. Now lest you wonder why it take is taking so long, Sandra runs at least a primer coat and two or more top coats, all with a brush/roller. And you've never seen the caulk she goes through. End result is a fantastic, long lasting paint job. She spent the last week doing two of the 4 dormers. Not fun at all, climbing on the 12:12 pitch roof. Two more to go. They are more difficult to get to. Gonna be tough. I'm thinking of doing those myself although Sandra will insist on doing them. Trying to get things outside wrapped before it gets colder. There was frost this last weekend. We bought a sprayer and got the fence stained in a day. Sandra spraying, me brushing after her. A total of 600 feet was a long day.

Picked up front porch lights and installed them with the help of the big honking carbide bit to cut through the brick, but of course no power to them yet, and installed the street numbers on the house. And ordered a chandelier for the side porch. Installed the ceiling box and wire for it as well. Each trim item makes it more complete looking.


Floor sheathing was finished, I'm starting to layout walls, downstairs in the kitchen where I need to run the vent stack from the bath, and next will be the upstairs to reconfigure the layout and rise up to the new ceiling height. Looking at replacing all but the two front windows. Trying to keep the original brick mold and part of the original frame behind it in place, but remove the rest. Wood's not in the budget as there are 10 windows so it's going to have to be vinyl. The old ones are in very sad shape, with two totally missing. Trying to restore them would be difficult, expensive and still end up poorly performing energy wise. I ordered one today to see how it looks and fits. It'll go into a missing window that's less visible so it won't be as noticeable if we we choose not to continue down that path. But overall I think it is the right thing to do. It'll be in in about three weeks.


Sandra painting a dormer. This one was the easiest as you could crawl out the window to the relatively low pitched porch before you got up on the steeper section. The other one was not so lucky and Sandra nearly fell when she stepped on an old board that was left from the work done five years ago and it gave way. A disaster averted.
Front porch lights

Posted by Kelsey Jo on 10/12/2014

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It's the little things in life like new porch lights and house numbers that can make things look so "complete." 

Looking good Dad!

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