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My wife and I are building in south Louisiana in a couple of years and are starting the planning already. Thanks, it is nice to know there is a place I can go for help out there.
Brandon in Lafayette, LA

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Steven in Colorado Springs, CO's Journal Entries

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 9/7/2014

Well, I'm nearly done with getting the siding on the new shed. It's been hard going and taken far longer than I thought it would.

First off the metal siding at Home Depot proper weren't actually in the handy four- and six-foot lengths that were on the web site... The only thing the store actually carried were eight- and twelve-foot lengths. It's a lot different to maneuver a twelve-foot hunk of sheet metal down that hill, much less measuring and cutting and moving and all those other things you've got to do to get it onto the actual side of the shed.

Then of course there was working on the shed itself. Since it's on a slope and very tall to boot that means I've got to climb ladders up and down to reach the higher areas. Doing that with some stability on a slope is tough enough since you've got to anchor the ladder's feet so it doesn't fall while you're 10 feet up in the air; doing that while lugging a 12-foot long 3-foot wide hunk of sheet metal makes it all just plain EXCITING.

Add to that the hiking up the ladder to measure and dry fit, then down the ladder to cut and trim, then back up the ladder again and back down once more for more trimming... Well you see why my leg muscles got quite a workout.

Actually attaching the sheets wasn't all that hard fortunately. The shed proper is all constructed with BuildBlock ICFs (just like Tanglewood) and one of the reason I picked them is that they have anchor points for stuff like this every six inches. I did have to take the time to make a small drawing of each side as I went showing the distance to the anchor points since I wouldn't be able to actually see them once I was attaching the sheets, but that didn't take long (and gave my leg muscles a chance to recover).

Attaching to the upper "attic" section was even easier since that's all plywood. The biggest problem I had was hold the section in place while I put in the first couple of screws; after that it supported itself and went very quickly. The only real challenge was that it was at the top end of a suspiciously unstable ladder.

But most of it's done as of this writing--I only have two small pieces on the uphill side to finish at this point. I was making good progress this afternoon until a heavy and COLD rain moved in forcing me to stop. I should get those done later this week and after that it's just some trim work and (eventually) the downhill side that's currently blocked by the old shed.

Next up painting and floor finishing - then it's time to move the solar equipment! That will be fun!

Steven in Colorado


This is an admittedly terrible shot from the ridge by the anemometer. You can see the old shed in front of the new one (with the red roof).

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