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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 9/7/2013

I've only been able to work on the drywall off and on since I started a couple of weeks ago, mostly because of my altered generator pad plans.  Today I was finally able to get the last of the drywall up, however, and began the mudding process.

I had two primary goals in putting up drywall in the shed.  The first was simply to "tidy it up"....while there is no problem as far as building codes are concerned about a shed having exposed ICF I didn't really care much for the look. The ICF has taken a lot of dings and marks and stray concrete over the course of the shed construction so I thought it was looking pretty shabby.  Certainly not a problem for a shed per se, but it bugged me.

The second reason of course was to get rid of all of the leftover drywall I had stashed in Tanglewood's garage.  This stuff was left over from the construction of the house and has bugged me for two  years now.  As it happened the amount there was almost exactly the right amount for the shed work; I'll have to get a couple more small sheets for the ceiling but that's it.

Putting up the last of the drywall went fairly well, and when I was done I had a 'good enough' wall that I could fix any imperfections with drywall mud.  That's where I ran into my only real problem--the mud that I had down in the garage was pretty old and dry.  I put up as much of it as I reasonably could but there wasn't anywhere near enough to finish the walls--another run to Home Depot is in my near future!  At least I found three rolls of drywall tape so I shouldn't have to pick up any of that.

Over this coming week I'll try to finish up the mudding and get the walls taped and ready for painting.  I plan to use some of the leftover paint I have as well (building a house apparently means have a lot of leftover materials when you're all done) and hope to do that this next weekend.

Steven in Colorado


The "downhill" side of the shed.
Hadn't finished the side with the glass block window yet as of this picture.
Around the door.
Uphill corner above the penetrations.
The earlier shot by the glass block window all tidied up.

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