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Posted by Terry in Hayfork, CA on 7/9/2013

We are finally getting around to installing the stone on the wall behind the wood stove in the dining room and also wrapping around the corner to the entry wing wall.

We started out by wiping down the cement board with a wet mop to clean any dust off of it. The stone that we are using is a manufactured stone veneer. It is Eldorado Mountain Ledge Stone Panels, in Silverton color. The manufacturer states that to install over cement backer board that we needed to add a latex additive to the mortar to help it stick. I followed the instructions and mixed the mortar according to the directions. After a couple rows of stone I bumped a corner and knocked it loose. Crap! I pulled it off, cleaned off the mortar and put it back up. Strange, I thought, but from then on I was a bit worried. A few hrs. later a couple other stones weren't sticking. Perhaps it was too warm inside (about 80 degrees ) so I tossed out the mortar and mixed up a new batch. This didn't help and more stones were loose. My wife pointed out what looked like a crack along the wall where the mortar had hardened... I checked it and could pull the entire row of stone off. Talk about being disappointed! The mortar either stuck to the wall or the stone, but not both.

We had to pull all of the stone down and start over, but I wasn't about to use the same product. Since several stones had already been cut for the corners, outlets and where they run into the wall, we had to label all of the stone in order to put them back where they were.

We started pulled the stone off the wall at 6 pm. By 8 pm we had it all down and all of the mortar was removed from the wall and the stones. During this process my wife asked why we couldn't use Liquid Nails? I said I didn't know - I've used it before to set the slate at the stair risers. She decided to research it on the Internet and found that a lot of people use a similar product to adhere veneer stone - it's called PL400. I was familiar with this product as a subfloor adhesive from when we built the house. It is basically the same as Liquid Nails.


Before - entry wing wall
Before - walls at wood stove in dining room
Laying out a few pieces to choose from
Seems easy enough...
This is where we found out the mortar wasn't adhering to the cement board. Before tearing it all down, we labeled the stones since some of them had already been cut to fit corners, around the outlet and at the wall. No fun :(
Painting the cement board to hide the white color where it would show thru in the joints in the stone since we now weren't using any mortar and it's a dry-stack look.
still painting...
Finished... what a mess the overspray made!
The new adhesive makes installation of the stone much faster.
Adding a bit of color to the cut edge of a stone, using some old grout. Three colors of grout mixed together matched our stone really well - Beige, Tan and Charcoal.

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