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Posted by Larry in Houston, TX on 4/22/2013

I tend to be a bit A.D.D. - let's make that a l-i-i-i-ittle more than a bit. I like to say I'm an extreme multi-tasker. When working on a large project as this, (I believe I once said it was going to be a small project), jumping around from task to task in my mind isn't bad as long as the overall result is to make continued progress. It keeps me from getting bored working on one thing. My darling wife on the other hand is extremely well organized and since she is working alongside me, so to speak, on this project, what appears to her to be little progress, as it is spread over lots of things, is not sitting well with her. She wants to finish a room! I understand her need and with her help to focus my energy, we are focusing on finishing the bathroom. Now that's a logical choice I suppose, as she and my daughter are tired of running to McDonald's every time a bathroom call is needed. Yeah - it takes my help away! So we are focusing on the bathroom at the moment. We made good progress this weekend. Got most of the wainscoting up. We're using 1x6x5/8" beaded ceiling. Primed all sides to help with humidity before it went on the wall, and finish painted after it was up. Still have the top trim, which will consist a a 2 1/2" crown moulding piece between the wainscot and a 1x3 laid flat at the top. I'll post a pic when we're done.

Laid the Ditra floor membrane. So much easier than running Durock. All the cuts are simple to make with a utility knife instead for scoring and snapping or using a cutoff blade on a skill saw. Went down quickly with thinset. While I was putting that down, Sandra and Kelsey went back to Lowe's for the trim and found a tile saw for under $200. I hadn't planned on buying a saw, since of course, I have one in storage in Angel Fire, but on renting instead. But HD wanted $45/day for a tile saw! Now we have the bathroom floors (2) the showers (2) and the kitchen backsplash. That's a week's worth of days easily or about $350 of rental costs. Buy a saw and sell it later on Craig's List when we're finished. Actually it's better than the Ryobi I have in AF. Easier to set up the fence, the 45, and a 45 miter accurately. I'll sell the Ryobi and keep this one!

With my wife painting what is ready on the arch wall and kitchen, I showed my daughter how to cut tile. She cut as I laid and called out dimensions. She was great with the cuts - spot on, even on the curved sections under the toilet flange. In about two hours, we had the entire bathroom floor down. Remember, we have a shower sticking out from the wall to cut around as well. We used a polished porcelain tile that is a dead ringer for Carrara marble, and cost about $2.50/foot. You had to pay greater attention to the levelness as well as the grout lines, since like real stone, the edges are very square and sharp. You want a smooth flat floor. It turned out great. In fact I believe it was the best tile job I've done, and I've done a number.

After a 13-hour day, we cleaned up packed tools and staggered out. Grout, wainscot trim, baseboard later this week. Then shower floor by Friday so we can lay up the wall on Saturday. Put in the vanity on Sunday. Let's see if I can keep this schedule!


Looking into the bathroom. Wainscoting wrapping around behind where the vanity will be over to the shower. Ditra membrane is visible on the floor.
View from inside the bath outwards. Again wainscoting without trim top and bottom, of course.
Full bath shot of Ditra
Tile going down.
Tile finished. Little green spacers everywhere. Grout will be next.

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